Ransomware: Boeing aerospace company also victim of an attack

LockBita well-known group of cybercriminali who engages in attacks ransomwarein recent days claimed responsibility for an attack on the aerospace multinational Boeing.

Cyber ​​criminals carried out this communication through Xonce tweeted, stating how “A huge amount of sensitive data has been exfiltrated and ready to be published” setting the next deadline for redemption November 2. At present, it is not known what the ransom demanded and how much data was actually stolen from the company involved.

At present, Boeing has not yet confirmed that it suffered the attack. The company spokesperson, in fact, stated that it is evaluating the veracity of the statement. The pro-Russian hacker collective, however, has already proven in the past to be a serious threat and, in this sense, communication through X must be taken into serious consideration.

LockBit on X issues the ultimatum to Boeing: payment by November 2nd

Certainly, LockBit is not a threat to be taken lightly: last year, the Department of Justice American described the group’s attacks as “One of the most active and destructive ransomware variants in the world”.

As stated by CISA (Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency), LockBit has already attacked more than 1,700 organizations in the US and demanded at least $91 million in ransom since it first appeared in January 2020.

The same agency then specified how “In 2022, LockBit was the most active global ransomware group and ransomware service provider in terms of number of victims declared on their data leak site“.

On the other hand, it is the entire ransomware phenomenon that worries security experts and companies, with a constantly increasing trend in terms of the number and intensity of attacks.


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