Raspberry Pi is now part ARM: what this means

With the acceleration of demand in the field edge computingWith the proliferation of increasingly demanding IoT and AI applications, Raspberry Pi solutions enable anyone to perform high-performance, low-cost data processing tasks. Thus, ARM decided to acquire a minority stake in Raspberry Pi, further extending a long-standing collaboration between the two companies. The goal is to cooperate to provide products that meet the needs of the world’s developer community Internet of Things.

ARM’s strategic investment in Raspberry Pi

ARM is a company that designs energy efficient chip and software platforms that have enabled advanced computing in more than 250 billion chips. ARM designs (the British company does not make its own SoCs and processors but licenses its own intellectual property to partner companies) are used in a multitude of products ranging from the simplest sensor, to the SoC for the smartphone, up to supercomputers. Together with more than 1,000 technology partners, ARM is making theartificial intelligence available everywhere, even locally.

L’strategic investment of ARM in Raspberry Pi consolidates the collaboration begun in 2008, which has seen the creation of many successful products based on technology derived from ARM. The latest flagship product is Raspberry Pi 5, single-board computer available from the end of October 2023 which relies on a Broadcom BCM2712 chip. The SoC houses four core ARM A76 at 2.4 GHz, representing a major leap forward compared to the 1.8 GHz ARM A72 cores of the previous Pi 4 board.

ARM and Raspberry Pi collaborate to simplify and make the development of IoT solutions more accessible

The two companies emphasize that they share the vision of computing accessible to all: by breaking down the barriers that have historically made it more complex to look at innovation, anyone, anywhere, can learn, experiment and create new IoT solutions.

With the rapid growth of edge- and endpoint-level AI applications, platforms like Raspberry Pi, built on ARM technology, are crucial to driving the adoption of high-performance IoT devices globally, enabling programmers to innovate more quickly and easily. This strategic investment is further evidence of our ongoing commitment to the developer community and our partnership with Raspberry Pi“, commented Paul Williamson, SVP and GM of ARM’s IoT division.

Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi, adds that using the ARM technology as the basis for the company’s products “delivers access to the compute performance, energy efficiency, and broad software ecosystem we need as we continue to remove barriers to entry for everyone from students and enthusiasts to professionals deploying large-scale commercial IoT systems stairs“.


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