Razer unveils the new Kishi v2 gaming controller

After several experiments and tests, and a wait of two years, Razer has announced the successor of its famous smartphone gaming controller which, in version 2, offers many boosts to the mobile player.
Razer unveils the new Kishi v2 gaming controller

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Two years after the original model, the Kishi Junglecat, the Razer brand, famous for its commitment to gaming, has announced the new Razer Kishi v2 controller, subject to various improvements, available in versions for Android and also for iPhone.

The new Kishi v2 controller basically has two side joypads and an extendable bridge on which the phone is placed, in order to obtain a portable console in the style of Nintendo Switch: the new model (92.2 x 180.7 x 33.9 mm, for 123 grams), always with USB Type-C interface and pass-through charging support to play while charging the inserted device, improves the ergonomics of the handles and slightly updates the placement of the buttons.

In addition, it solves several compatibility problems, such that it is also possible to use it with current, past and future Pixels and with the big gauges in the Galaxy S22 Ultra style (as well as with the homemade gaming phones known as Razer Phone and Razer Phone. 2).

By removing the rubber inserts, you can also use even larger phones, or simply keep those with the protective case attached, as long as the same is within 3 mm of thickness. In terms of buttons, now with mechanical microswitches and no longer membrane ones, there are the L2 / R2 triggers, the L1 / R1 bumpers. the directional cross pad (D), the two analog joysticks, and the four ABXY action buttons.

However, there are two programmable multifunction buttons, for example to launch your own macros or streaming (e.g. on Facebook or YouTube) and the Share button which, as the name betrays, when pressed, allows you to capture clips or screenshot of the game, to share on social networks or with friends. Here comes the support of the Razer Nexus app, with advanced customization features and, among other things, the ability to update the firmware. Currently, the purchase of the Razer Kishi v2 controller is possible on Amazon, at the official price of 119.99 euros.


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