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Reading mode, what it is and why use it on Android

The Mode reading It’s one of the coolest features to use on your web browser and, clearly, it is also present on Android devices.

Its operation is simple: This feature is intended to “simplify” a web page, re-proposing it with a distraction-free layout it’s a lot easier to read.

Activating this setting on your smartphone or tablet is an extremely intuitive operation and with just a few steps, it will be possible to read online content easily but, above all, without being constantly interrupted by banner, formatting sides e various advertising.

Let’s find out more about it.

  • 1. Why use Reading Mode

    The Reading mode It’s the perfect solution for reading rather long contents on the web, “converting” them into a much more immediate format and without any distractions.

    At first glance this change in layout resembles that of a ebookwith the user having the ability to adjust the text sizethe spacing between linesil color of character and that of backgroundall imagined to make the use of any text on the web easier.

    Clearly this system can also be used with a smaller text size and, simply, it will avoid the user from all those distractions and interruptions due to advertising that could disturb reading or make it more difficult.

    Furthermore, given the many adjustments mentioned above, using Reading Mode is also a way to make life easier for people with difficulty reading, perhaps due to vision pathologies o Health problems of different nature.

    It is therefore not only a system to make the consultation of texts on the web more fluid but it is also an excellent one accessibility tool which can be of great help to many people.

  • 2. How to use Reading Mode on Android

    To start using Reading Mode, first things first download the official application namesake from Google Play Store.

    Once the installation is complete, you need to open the new program e activate the relevant linkconfirming that you want to activate the functions for accessibility and use of Reading Mode at any time.

    To do this, just tap on Settings to be automatically redirected to the mode access management on Android.

    From the list on the screen you need to enable the relevant shortcutconfirming the operation again and granting the application all the privileges to be able to intervene in the transformation of web pages into textual content free of distractions.

    At this point a will appear at the side of the screen button (which can be moved wherever you see fit).

    By tapping on it the application will automatically simplify the web page so that it can be read better.

  • 3. How Reading Mode works

    Once the application has been activated, the possibilities for the user are many and, of course, they will also be able to adjust the operation of this feature to their liking.

    By tapping on thegear icon the application settings will open so that the user can better manage this feature and, if necessary, start the playback of the content ad high you.

    Always in the same menu there are also all the controls for playback which, once again, can be customized according to your needs. Yes it can speed up playback of the text in question, slow it down and naturally pause it and have it resumed later, just like any multimedia content.

    Here you can also select between different default entries the one you prefer to listen to the text in question.

    Also on this screen you can also select colorsthe spacing between linesi italicsi bold and all those settings that can further simplify the reading of web content.

    By tapping instead on the Tt button it is possible to bring up the various controls for quick adjustment of the text sizeso you can zoom in or out on what you’re reading to make reading even easier.

    Once you have finished reading the web content, simply tap on the icon downward arrowlocated at the bottom of the screen and continue browsing the web as usual.

  • 4. Android and content accessibility

    That Google’s software has always been very careful to accessibility is nothing new and Reading Mode is just another way to help people with disabilities or with vision problems in this case, to use your device more easily.

    After all, Android is the mobile operating system most used ever, it is installed on millions of devices all over the world and, every day, a multitude of users rely on it and the services it offers, including those for accessibility which for many people are the only way to access in contact with this technology.

    And it is precisely in this perspective that Reading Mode fits in, going well beyond its being a system for removing advertising from sites, but above all becoming a tool to simplify the lives of people with difficulties and help them in those daily gestures that often are taken for granted but are not taken for granted by everyone.

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