realme stops business in Germany like Vivo and Oppo

Another big shot is added to Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus: too realm officially reduces its business activity in Germania.

The fastest growing brand in Europe puts a halt to sales in Teutonic territory due to a legal dispute. The ongoing dispute between the group BBK (of which realme is a part) e Nokiawould have led the company to review its growth and sales plans.

It should be remembered that everything comes from the undue use of some patents which would have been recently claimed by Nokia.

realme halts sales in Germany due to allegations by Nokia

The accusation by Nokia has also affected realme after Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus. These are the names of the companies that according to the Finnish brand would not have paid to exploit some patents concerning the technology 4G.

The company would ask 2.50 euros for each smartphone sold by the companies involved in the dispute. For these reasons, realme officially stops selling its devices in Germany, at least until the license is renewed. To influence is also the German law which requires a agreement between the two parties on a global scale. Nokia is currently not backing down and demands some sort of compensation for each smartphone sold.

The closure to the German market by the Chinese brand has not been officially communicated but it is expected that the unavailability of the products in Germany will gradually increase. This will be caused by the slowdown in activity. The only way to buy a smartphone from the Asian brand will be to go online or to neighboring countries.

Clearly nothing changes for all users who already own a realme smartphone: for them the technical support will continue to be guaranteed. In fact, the company will go ahead with the updates, both to bring new features and to fix any bugs.


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