Realme TechLife Watch R100: official smartwatch with Bluetooth and Alexa calls

As per the company’s marketing, Realme has announced its new Realme TechLife Watch R100 smartwatch, waterproof, in metal, with long autonomy, Alexa support and call management directly from the wrist, suitable for runners.
Realme TechLife Watch R100: official smartwatch with Bluetooth and Alexa calls

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After several smartphones (e.g. the C30 and the Q5x), the Chinese brand Realme, through its TechLife division, announced the Realme TechLife Watch R100 smartwatch, on sale in India from 28 June, on Flipkart and, at the price of 3,999 (about 48 euros) initially discounted at 3,699 rupees (about 44 euros).

The wearable Realme TechLife Watch R100 (262 × 46 × 14 mm for 46 grams with the strap) has a metal chassis (aluminum alloy), IP68 waterproof, in black or gray: the shape is circular, and the adhesion to the wrist takes place using a comfortable silicone strap. On the opaque back, there are sensors to track heart rate h24x7, the saturation of oxygen in the blood (SpO2), the maximum level of oxygen consumed (Vo2Max, useful for assessing the level of fitness), and to pay attention to sleep in the REM phases , light and deep.

Also able to keep track of steps taken, calories burned, with stopwatch and timer functions, as well as with hydration and anti-sedation reminders, also attentive to female health and able to guide in breathing exercises (being provided stress monitoring), the Realme TechLife Watch R100 leverages the three-axis accelerometer to provide feedback in more than 110 indoor sports activities (horse riding, swimming, yoga, cricket, elliptical, HIIT, rowing, walking and running). ‘open with automatic detection, football, mountaineering, etc). In terms of running, an AI assistant is present to find out if you are reaching your pace goals.

These data, but also alarms, alarms, weather forecasts, and notifications for calls and apps can be consulted on the circular 1.32-inch TFT display, resolved at 360 x 360 pixels, with more than 100 variable dials, and up to 450 nits of brightness. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 and the Realme Watch app, it is possible to consult the activity log and know the in-depth statistics: by connecting the wearable to the phone, however, you also get other opportunities.

Specifically, it is possible to control the music, the camera, use the Find phone function, and manage calls (Bluetooth) from the wrist, being integrated a speaker, a microphone (also useful for using Amazon Alexa), and an interface that shows the list of frequent contacts, call history, and a numeric keypad. The autonomy, entrusted to a 380 mAh battery that can be recharged in 2 hours, reaches up to 7 days.


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