Recognize Call Centers to block on Android and iPhone

How to configure call blocking from Call Centers and unwanted numbers on iPhone and Android

Block call centers

Unwanted calls are now the order of the day and every year they become more and more numerous and pressing: in any place and at any time, in fact, if you have a smartphone you risk being annoyed by calls from call centers, which call with the purpose of selling any product or service. None of us likes to start useless conversations in which, on the other end of the phone, someone tries in every way to make us accept a certain offer.

For this reason, if you are tired of receiving calls from numbers you don’t know but you need to answer the phone because perhaps one of your customers might want to contact you, this is the right article to consult. The solution for recognize unwanted calls it exists and is found among the phone’s tools or within a series of applications designed and distributed for this reason.

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1) Call Center Block on Android

If you have an Android phone, the procedure for recognizing and blocking an unwanted number, although susceptible to variation from device to device, is quite simple: select the number, recognized as unwanted, and choose the item Block o Block number from the menu.

On Xiaomi phones and all phones that have the app Google phone we can effectively block unwanted calls by opening the app Telephonepressing on the three dots at the top right, pressing up Settings and finally opening the menu Caller ID and spamwhere you can activate your voice Spam filter for calls.

The function is integrated on the latest generation Samsung Galaxy Samsung Smart Call which allows, through function Caller ID and spam protectionto identify numbers that are not stored in the Address Book to alert the user when an incoming call could be spam.

This type of blocking, however, does not affect messages sent via WhatsApp. To avoid being contacted even on the most famous messaging app, it is necessary to block the number in the app too, by clicking on the three vertical dots (Other) and subsequently on the voice Block.

2) Block Call Center on iPhone

On iPhones we can use a series of useful tools to recognize and block incoming calls. From the app Telephone o FaceTime simply press on the icon (i) (next to the phone number or contact to block) scroll the screen to the bottom, and do Block contact.

To obtain the same result and not receive messages from strangers, just go to the app Messagesopen the conversation, tap the contact at the beginning of the conversation, choose the name, phone number, or email address, scroll to the bottom, and press Block contact.

If we want block Call Center numbers or annoying numbers you need to install a call blocking app first and only then integrate the blocking into your phone’s functions. The best app that you can install on iPhone is Hiya.

After installation we open the app, configure the account for call blocking then open the app Settingslet’s get into the menu Telephonewe press on Call blocking and identification and activate the switch next to the app Hiya or to any other blocking app you have installed.

3) Call Center Blocker App

If you want to protect yourself from phone calls and text messages in a faster and more automated way, you can think about downloading and installing one of the many apps in circulation.

This way, you won’t have to add a number to your phone’s Block List every time because the apps will do it for you. Among the apps in circulation, the ones we list have obtained the highest number of positive reviews from users.


Already integrated into Samsung Galaxy Hiya smartphones, it can also be installed for free on all phones Android come on iPhone to recognize and block call center calls or commercial calls.

Thanks to reports from users themselves, Hiya works well to block unwanted and automated calls by automatically redirecting them to voicemail. This application also works to identify callers by hiding the number and to block commercial SMS.


Truecaller is an application that has been available for years and is among the best around for recognizing and identifying calls and text messages from unknown numbers. Available for both devices Android e iPhone.

Through this application you can identify any incoming call so you know who is trying to contact you, before answering the phone. Therefore, every time you receive calls from unknown numbers, Truecaller will indicate how many users have marked the number as unwanted and this will allow you to quickly understand whether the call is important or not.

The database that Truecaller draws on is made up of both the numbers of the nuisance people and the numbers of the people who use the service. And this is precisely the sore point: to use Truecaller you have to share your telephone number on the application network, which collects information on the user who has decided to use it: profile picture, telephone number, device he is using and even more.

To use it, just open the app, register an account by providing your phone number, grant all the necessary permissions and wait for the first “annoyance”!

To make Truecaller truly effective on iPhone you need to move to the Settings section Phone > Call barring and identification per allow Truecaller app to block calls and also provide caller ID.

If before the iPhone still rang when you received a call from call centers or unwanted numbers, now these calls can be stopped in their tracks and you can even avoid the phone ringing. This app therefore now becomes the most effective weapon against any unwanted call, whether commercial or promotional.

Should I answer?

This is a completely free app and is currently only available for mobile phones with an operating system Androidalready reported as the best app to avoid advertising calls on your cell phone.

The application necessarily requires access to contacts and phone calls so that it can distinguish between the safe numbers in the address book and the unknown ones that may arrive. But how does it work? The app reports suspicious calls based on a constantly updated archive of numbers used by call centers.

This database was created and updated thanks to a community of users who have installed the application and anonymously send their opinions on phone calls received from public numbers. In addition to incoming calls, the app also allows you to block outgoing calls, such as those to paid numbers with a tariff or abroad.

Mr. Number

The Mr Number application is one of the most used in the world (from the same developers as Hiya) for phones Android and for iPhonealso free, specializes in identifying and blocking spam, scams and fraud.

The app is able to block both calls and SMS from unwanted numbers simply by placing the unwanted number in a blacklist. It allows you to blacklist even numbers in your phone book and not just unknown ones. It is a stable and lightweight app, which takes up little memory but is very effective.


Per Android and for iPhonethis is the application of the most important Italian site for knowing who owns a telephone number and for reporting nuisance people.

The free service is based on the principle of data sharing and provides Caller ID and information about any unknown number. Every day, users review new telephone numbers through the platform and this guarantees the system is always updated, to the point that, in a short time, even the new call center that is bothering you will be registered and can be blocked.

An interesting difference with other apps is given by the fact that unwanted phone calls will be reported with a score ranging from 1 (very serious) to 9 (not very serious). The user himself can then decide to become an active part in the reports by connecting to his account and indicating the numbers to pay attention to.


One of the golden rules to avoid finding yourself in the call center network is certainly not to provide your phone when signing up for sites or services that require your mobile number.

Every time you sign up for something online and agree to give up your data for commercial purposes to third parties, in fact, your number is placed like a real commodity on the global market and, at that point, it is difficult for us to can be saved!

In other articles we have also seen how block calls from private or unknown numbers and how block unwanted commercial calls on landlines and mobiles.

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