Register WhatsApp WhatsApp is clearly the most used app in the world for messages messages but it has become in effect a total app for communicationas it allows users to talk to family and friends via call or video call (both free), inheriting what was Skype in the past years.

Among the functions that the vocal and video part of the app lacks, certainly stands out ability to record video calls and phone calls made on WhatsAppa feature much requested by users but which has not been implemented and is not planned to implement it (at least in the short term).

In the guide that follows, however, we will show you the best tricks and tips to record voice and video calls from WhatsAppso that we have a record of what we say when we talk to people we do not trust or whom it is better to have a recording to demonstrate the words spoken.

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1) Record WhatsApp on Android

To record the audio of voice calls made with WhatsApp on Android we can also avoid using external apps and rely on the app Voice recorderincluded in all Android phones.

To proceed, just start the voice call on WhatsApp, press the button Speakerphoneminimize the WhatsApp app, open the app Voice recorder and press the red button to start recording the telephone conversation.

Record normal calls

If we want to use an app to record WhatsApp calls at all costs, we can rely on Cube ACRthe most popular for this to integrate this feature on WhatsApp.

This is an app that was created to record normal phone calls that are made through the mobile network, but it also works for record audio calls made through other apps such as Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

The app can be installed for free and immediately allows you to choose which ones app record call audio (in this case we must select WhatsApp); after choosing the app from which to record phone calls, you can make phone calls from the app itself by recording the audio. You can also have the recording trigger automatically every time you make an audio call, without having to manually launch the app each time.

Record video calls

To record WhatsApp video calls on android you can use any of the best apps for record the mobile phone screenas an example AZ Screen Recorder.
Not only allows you to record android screen but it also allows you to record audio from the device’s microphone; in this way it will be possible record a video call or any phone call made with WhatsApp or any other app.

To record with the Recorder app, open the app and press the key that starts screen recording. With recording enabled, open WhatsApp to make the video call and record it by saving it as a video on the phone memory.

2) Record WhatsApp on iPhone

On the iPhone there are no apps to record calls from other apps, but nothing prevents us from using a trick very similar to the one seen on Android, then using the Voice Memos app to record the call made with WhatsApp.

To proceed, open the WhatsApp app, start any call, reduce the messaging app, go to the App Library tab (swiping from right to left until it appears), looking for the app Voice memos and pressing the big red button to start recording.

To record video calls in their entirety (audio and video), all we have to do is open the iPhone control center and record the screen by pressing the red button (Screen recording); to learn more we can read our guide on how record calls and audio on iPhone.

2) Record WhatsApp on PC and Mac

Who uses WhatsApp Web o the app for PC and Mac to make calls and video calls can use many tricks and applications to record audio or to record the entire computer screen, so as to have a proof of what has been said during the conversation.

PC Windows

On PCs with Windows operating system we can rely on the app Sound recording (included in the system) to record WhatsApp calls, by pressing the red button as soon as we start the call within the messaging app.

Alternatively we can rely on other recording apps such as those seen in our guide to programs for recording audio and sounds on a PC.


On Mac and MacBook we can use QuickTime Player (integrated in all versions of macOS) to record the audio emitted during the voice call of WhatsApp, without installing other useless or superfluous apps.

To proceed we open the Launchpadwe search and open the app QuickTime Playerwe press at the top of the menu File and click on New audio recording to open the recorder included in the Mac; at this point all we have to do is start the call within WhatsApp and press the red button (present inside the recorder interface).

Record video calls with VLC

If we want to record WhatsApp video calls from PC and Mac we can use a free and open source app such as VLCthe famous multimedia player full of secret features.

After downloading the player let’s start it, press up on Mediaclick Convert / Savelet’s go to the card Acquisition devicewe set Desktop in the field Method of acquisitionwe choose as frame rate 30 f/s in the field Desired frame rate for capture and press on Convert / Save.
VLC In the new screen that will open we choose as a profile Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)we press the button Browsechoose the destination folder and finally press on Start to start recording.

Now just open the WhatsApp app, take us to the desired chat and start the video call, sure that in the meantime VLC will record everything that happens on the screen. To learn more, we can read our guide to VLC features: video effects, recording, and much more.


Recording WhatsApp calls is not difficult and in most cases we will use the tools already present within the system to make both voice recordings and video recordings. In addition to the integrated tools we can also use the Android apps dedicated to recording or rely on an app that is always useful as VLC, the best for recording the screen during video calls from PC.

To learn more we can read our guides on how use WhatsAp to make free calls (iPhone, Android, Windows) and you have tricks and secrets of WhatsApp chat.


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