Recover Facebook login and password if you no longer log in

Login Facebook Facebook has many flaws but it remains an important tool for communicating with friends and disseminating one’s thoughts and ideas: not being able to access it because we have forgotten the password or the profile has been hacked presents a real nuisance, which we must try to solve as soon as possible .

In the following guide we will show you how to recover facebook login and password if you no longer log inby following our standard recovery process, two-factor authorization recovery process, and account recovery in case of identity theft and profile hack.

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1) Retrieve the password saved in the browser

As a first attempt let’s try a recover facebook password stored on web browsersince all modern browsers allow you to save access data.

To proceed, all we have to do is open the Facebook site and check if there is a padlock icon at the top right or if there is an autofill field; if we are able to log in, the password is saved in the browser and we can also view it unencrypted by taking us to the path Settings -> Autofill -> Password managementpress the eye icon, pass the system check and recover the password (to be used on the app or on other non-synchronised browsers).

On this topic we can read our articles on how to save credentials on google account come on how to recover saved passwords on chrome.

2) Facebook password recovery procedure

If you are unable to access Facebook because you have forgotten your login password, you can start the account recovery process using the email address or telephone number used during registration.

From the Facebook login page or from the mobile app, press on Forgot password?enter the email address or telephone number and follow the instructions provided by the site to reset the access password.

In most cases it will be provided to you (via email or SMS) a temporary password to be entered as the new login password: once unlocked we will be able to choose our new personal password, to be saved on a service such as Bitwarden so as not to forget it again.

Based on the security level set on Facebook it could request a code from another device already connected (such as your phone) or ask to recognize some photos of friendsgiving them the right name: they are all additional security systems designed to prevent someone from asking for the password to be changed for us.

3) Restore a stolen account

The techniques for stealing Facebook accounts are now known: in most cases these are fake emails that direct you to a web page identical to that of Facebook and tell you to enter your login password to receive, for example, a prize; alternatively, viruses are used that can steal access data to Facebook and other sites (Keyloggers and Trojans).

First of all let’s make sure of try access from the internet browser by typing with the keyboard l’official Facebook address and be sure that you are not on a fake web page, from another website.

From the official site we carry out immediately change the password (as seen in the previous chapter), so let’s use a strong and hard to guess password to protect access, as well as activate thetwo-factor authentication (indispensable on social accounts).

In case we have a account hacked with change of email address (the hacker entered his email instead of ours), to recover Facebook you can proceed with the complaint of compromised account.

Using a computer or phone with which we have logged into the Facebook account in the past, let’s go to the Facebook identity page and follow the instructions to correctly recognize our account, even after changing email and password.

The procedure may require you to upload ID, so we can confirm that we are the real owners of the stolen account; in this regard, we invite you to read the Official Facebook Guidewhere we can find information on the types of documents accepted and how to correctly upload the required documents.

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4) Facebook account suspended or banned

If our account Facebook is no longer accessible either with credentials or from the public Google page (we can try by searching the profile on Google in anonymous mode), most likely we immediately got a banthus finding ourselves with the suspended account.

In these cases, not much can be done: Facebook may have had its own reasons for banning us, but we can still try to recover the situation by reading our guides on how to restore profile if facebook suspends account ee on How to Unblock Facebook Account Deactivated or Blocked.


There are no others recovery procedures for stolen or hacked Facebook accounts: we avoid opening unsafe sites, we don’t follow every Facebook link that arrives via message or email, we use strong passwords and we always activate two-factor authentication, the only real tool we have against hackers.

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