Compress video The problem with videos is that their dimensions are often so large that they prevent you from sharing them quickly via social networks or via email. To solve the problem we can reduce the size without losing the original video qualitywhich will therefore be smaller but still pleasant to see even on Smart TVs.

In this article we will show you how reduce the size of the videos trying to keep the original quality and thus letting the images and audio remain as good as the original file. The final result will be a much smaller file that we can freely share via e-mail, chat or social networks without fear that the file may appear too large or that it takes too much time to upload.

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1) Adapter

The best program we can use to reduce the size of videos while maintaining the original quality is Adapter, available for free for Windows and Mac.
Adapter By installing this program we will get a quick and easy tool to reduce the size of any video while keeping the original quality.

To proceed, we open the application, drag the video to be reduced, choose from the menu below Custom MP4 as the final format of the file and click on Convert to obtain the reduction without loss of quality. If after the conversion we notice that the quality is not comparable to the original we can always press on the gear and select Quality -> Highresulting in a slightly larger file but with higher quality.

2) VLC

Another free and open source program that we can use to reduce the size of videos without quality loss is VLCfamous multimedia player equipped with an efficient converter.
VLC To reduce the size of the videos with VLC we open the famous player on our computer, we press the top left on Media and finally press on Convert / Save.

In the new screen we press the Add button to add the video to be reduced, then press on Convert / Save below to continue. On the next screen let’s make sure the entry Converted is selected and in the drop-down menu next to the item Profilewe select the profile Video for Android HDwhich is one of the best profiles for resizing videos while maintaining excellent quality.

To start the conversion, click on Browse to choose the name and path of the new file then click on Start to start the process.

To learn more about the hidden functions of VLC we can read our guide to VLC hidden tricks and functions.

3) Handbrake

Another good program that we can use to reduce the size of videos without quality loss is Handbrakealso because it is completely free, is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and it does a great job of video encoding and conversion.
Handbrake This program may seem complex (especially compared to the other programs recommended so far) but we guarantee that it allows you to obtain the best results, given the large number of adjustable items.

To get the size of the videos without quality loss, we open the app, press the top on File to open the video to resize or drag the video directly into the interface. As soon as the home of the program opens let’s go to the drop-down menu next to the item Presetting and we choose as a conversion profile Android 720p30the best format for a small but high quality file equal to the original content.

After this quick configuration we press the button at the bottom right Browse to choose a new destination folder and press at the top on Start encoding to start converting and saving the new video.

4) Avidemux

Another program that we can use to reduce the size of videos without quality loss is Avidemuxfreely downloadable on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Avidemux This program may seem difficult to use for our purposes and is probably one of the fastest.

To reduce the size of videos without loss of quality with Avidemux we open the program, we press on the top left Open video and select the video to reduce. After loading we click on Copy present below Output video and we choose Mpeg4 AVC (x264) as a converter; then we press on Copy under Output audio to select MP3 (lame).

Then we open the drop-down menu under the heading Container and choose MP4 Muxer and proceed with the configuration by pressing on Sets up under Output video. In the new screen we select the profile at the top iPhonewe set 2000 in the field Bitrate finale and press on OK to confirm.

To start coding, press on top save videowe choose the name of the file and the destination folder and confirm to start the process.

5) Xmedia Recode

Another simple and free program that we can use to reduce the size of videos without quality loss is Xmedia Recodeavailable free for Windows.
Xmedia Recode To reduce the size of the videos without losing the original quality, all we have to do is open the program, press at the top left on Open file and choose the video to shrink.

After loading we open the drop-down menu next to the item Profile and we select Toshiba TV, the best profile for the needs of this guide. Immediately below we choose Toshiba TV (mp4) to get a file compatible with any device, press at the top on add and finally on Coding to start encoding the video.

The new file will be created in the user’s video folder, so you can immediately access it to see the high quality and small size of the file.

Other programs to reduce the size of videos

In addition to the programs mentioned so far, we can also test the applications in the following list, so that you can try converting videos with different tools:

  • UniConverter: Having a good internet connection, you can try this online converter from Wondershare, UniConverter, free. Support any resolution including 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and other non-standard. All popular video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV can be compressed online using this service. There is also a UniConverter desktop application to install on Windows and Mac.
  • Clipchamp is an online tool that offers a free video converter, video compressor, webcam recorder and video editor. Unlike UniConverter, this service offers better compression control and allows you to optimize the video for online services like Facebook, YouTube, etc. or create videos for mobile platforms or for Windows. You can also set the resolution and format of the video.
  • YouCompress is another online service to reduce video size, recommended for beginners and people looking for quick compression.
  • Clideo is another online video compression service that automatically sets the best parameters to reduce size without quality loss. Clideo works with any popular formats like MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI and even less common ones. The maximum upload size is 500MB.
  • HD video converter is a simple free program (Windows) to reduce video size, which supports AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, WebM, VOB and others files.

Many of the tips on the list are about online video conversion services, the ideal choice if we need to convert videos down to very small sizes.


Reducing the size of videos without quality loss is now within the reach of any user: they are really enough few keys to convert large videos or videos of 2GB or more to small videoready to be shared via email or on social networks.

Most of the programs reported are free and often also released with an open source license, so they can also be used in a business environment without having to incur license costs.

To learn more we can read our guides on how compress video and reduce file size on PC and the best App to compress a video on Android.


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