Remote desktop improved with Supremo: what are the advantages

Finding a remote desktop solution that’s fully suited to your needs isn’t easy. The needs of companies, professionals and those who request and offer remote assistance are different and often change over time.
For millions of workers around the world, working from home has long been a reality but for this to truly turn into a real advantage for the company, it is necessary to have suitable and flexible solutions for the business.

Supremo is a popular solution that offers an experience of improved remote desktop thanks to the mix of functionality and flexibility.
All Europen product, Supremo it is a complete software that can be both a simple and immediate client with remote desktop tools and remote assistance features, and a more structured solution for businesses that integrates monitoring and RMM features (Remote monitoring and management) of the individual systems.

One of the main strengths of Supremo is the Multi-platform support desktop and mobile: the program is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. This means that with a single solution it is possible control remotely any machine, workstation and server, but also access the screen contents of various Android mobile devices. And above all, if necessary, you can use both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones for the remote connection and manage any system even on the move.

L’unattended access it is activated directly from the Supremo user interface: this means that the application can be used both to offer or request Remote Supportand to activate the remote connection even when there is no person physically present in front of the system to be administered.

Supreme: why we are talking about improved remote desktop

Common solutions for remote control they offer a rather limited number of functions: as mentioned previously, it is often a problem to remotely manage machines based on very different operating systems using client devices which are themselves different by platform.

As you can also see on the Supremo download page, this solution remote desktop all Europen, it is compatible with the main operating systems and can therefore be adopted on a wide range of devices, both in client and server mode.

Furthermore, unlike other products, Supremo does not require installation: by double clicking on its executable, the program is ready to be used: it listens for requests incoming connection and allows you to connect to other remote devices.
On the main screen Supremo shows the numerical identifier of the device in use and the password to be communicated to the remote interlocutor who must provide remote support. The password structure can be freely customized by clicking on Tools, Security in order to make them longer and more complex.

Remote Desktop Supremo: main screen

Immediately on the right, the Supremo interface presents the space to specify the identifier useful for connecting to a remote system.

Enabling unattended access, to activate the remote desktop when necessary

With one click on the icon Instruments of Supremo it is possible, again without installing anything, to configure theunattended access and make the system controllable remotely simply by knowing the identification and password. Just click on Options then check the box Run Supremo at Windows startup (unattended access).

Supreme Remote Desktop: Unattended Access

On the same screen, Supremo offers the option to install a printer driver for print remotely in a very simple way; you can activate a password to protect the program configuration, enable the multisession support and start two or more remote control sessions.

Two-factor authentication for an even more secure remote desktop

In the latest versions of Supremo, the application also offers the possibility of activating two-factor authentication (2FA) to increase the security of user accounts. This is a particularly useful feature for strengthening remote desktop sessions by protecting access to the Console, Contact Directory and the contents of connection reports.

Activation of the reporting system integrated into Supremo: how long did the remote assistance sessions last?

For the benefit of professionals who provide remote assistance services (think of external consultants, companies specializing in the provision of IT services, Managed Service Provider or MSP), Supremo integrates a solid mechanism of online reporting which helps to establish the duration of support sessions with the possibility of calculating partials and exporting the list of interventions performed in CSV format.

Supremo Console takes remote desktop to the next level and maximizes business continuity

Supremo acts as both a client and server module, meeting the needs of individuals, professionals and businesses. In the case of more structured companies, whether they have an IT team specialized in the management and resolution of problems relating to the infrastructure (both on the workstation and server side), whether they are MSPs or in any case companies that offer assistance services externally remote, having an integrated RMM solution is essential.

I software RMM they simplify remote monitoring and management of systems through modules agent installed locally: by enabling unattended access as seen previously, Supremo enables all advanced features at RMM.

What the Supremo Console is and how it works

Each instance of Supremo communicates with the cloud and makes the system on which it is activated remotely administrable. The Web “control panel”, accessible via browser, collects the complete list of systems that can be managed remotely and is called Supreme Consul.

Supreme Consul

Supreme Consul it is a real RMM solution because it allows you to manage multiple things in a single convenient interface computer networks and therefore also more customers (understood as subjects requiring remote assistance) by grouping their systems under a single name.

Manage remote systems after login

Indicating your IT administrator credentials in the section Tools, Professional of Supremo, the program displays the message “This device is managed by the Supremo Console. The administrator can monitor all information and connect remotely to provide assistance“.

Supremo Professional: unattended remote access via Console

From the Supreme Consul the administrator or in any case the appointed personnel can start a remote session by taking control of one or more remote systems (button Connect with Supremo).

Remote control for business continuity

The Supremo client, automatically launched via a web browser, allows you to establish an instant connection, control the remote device as if you were physically in front of it, use a convenient file manager to transfer files to and from this system, an integrated chat system, a series of advanced tools for remote control.

Simplified user management

Referring to the left column of the Supremo Console web interface, you can select the item User Managementuseful for create accounts of its collaborators directly. Using this feature, you can significantly simplify the process onboarding of new team members, ensuring they have access to the necessary resources right from the start.

The section Team allows you to add operators and users: if the account already exists, you can enter it in the “Add an existing Console account” or you can register a new account by filling in the data in “Register and add a new Console account“.

To make collaboration within the team even smoother, you have the option to assign responsibility specific to team members (remote management and assistance management).

The Group Sharing allows users to quickly share and manage…


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