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Browsers are the programs most used by users on PCs, making them easy targets for numerous threats, including spyware or adware. The first symptom we can see for these infections is excessive slowness of the browser, often accompanied by the appearance of unwanted or difficult to close advertising windows (they tend to reopen after a short time or when the browser or system is restarted).Fortunately, we can intervene with some cleaning programs, able to remove all traces of deceptive and invasive advertising, making the browser return as fast as it once was. In this article we will show you the best programs to remove viruses from web browsers (Chrome and Firefox), usable whenever we deem it appropriate, that is when there are notifications if the normal sites are altered by the appearance of advertising banners, popup and redirects that normally are not there or if navigation seems slow.

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Remove viruses and advertisements from Chrome and Firefox

Many of the viruses or spyware that infect browsers can be removed with some very famous cleaning tools and programs, which can be downloaded for free on any PC where we notice the presence of a particularly slow browser or with too much advertising. Obviously, we can very well use the programs to make periodic scans of the computer, so as to identify even the threats that escape the normal antivirus.
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1) AdwCleaner

The first program we recommend you use is AdwCleaner, downloadable for free from the official website.

This program, once started, will scan every area of ​​the operating system (including the disks on the PC) for hidden viruses but also unwanted programs such as adware, annoying toolbars, pre-installed programs, and other types of threats such as spyware and keyloggers. Using it is very simple: once downloaded, start it and press the button to start the scan; we wait for the system to be scanned and delete all identified threats, thus effectively removing all traces of malware that slowed down or blocked the execution of programs.

2) MalwareBytes

If your browser continues to throw a tantrum it is advisable to try the scan offered by MalwareBytes, available for download from the official website.

By installing this antimalware we will be able to detect and remove threats such as trojans, rootkits, spyware, worms, adware, rogue antivirus, disguised system processes, compromised registry keys, and auto-starting malware. Once installed, we accept the terms of use, we await the initial update of the signatures then proceed with a full system scan, so as to be able to effectively remove any viruses. The program also offers a free 14-day trial of the Pro version, which works exactly like an antivirus: we can leave it active in memory, so as to block new threats in the bud. At the end of the trial period, the memory-resident module will be deactivated but we will always be able to launch manual scans from time to time.

3) Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

If we notice very serious problems in opening the browser or we notice modified web pages (such as the Google search with a different homepage) it is advisable to immediately start the computer in Safe mode and try cleaning your PC with an advanced tool like Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, downloadable for free from the official website.

By starting this portable tool on a temporary basis, we will be able to start a complete scan of the computer, looking for well-hidden and difficult to remove malware. At the end of the scan, we delete all the files identified by the scanning engine so that we can restart the computer in normal mode without any locks or blackmail screens. This tool can be moved to the trash as soon as the cleaning process is finished: it makes no sense to keep it since Kaspersky updates it regularly in order to remove new threats (we must therefore download it again if necessary).

4) HitmanPro

Another very powerful tool to remove any threat that can change the behavior of the PC and browser is HitmanPro, downloadable in the free trial from the official website.

This program can be started both in normal mode and in safe mode (it depends on the aggressiveness of the virus) and, once the scan starts, it will use cloud technology to identify and remove all threats on your computer, without leaving a trace. This program is very powerful and decisive, but is offered free for only 30 days: it is therefore always advisable to keep it as a last resort so as to use it and lose the trial period only for really desperate situations.

Other spyware and advertising removal tools

In addition to the programs seen above, it is also possible to use other tools and apps to remove viruses from Chrome and Firefox when slow or with too much advertising. Below we can find a list of other useful programs for computer disinfection:

  • RKill is a brilliant little tool that is indispensable before running any other removal tool. The program was designed to close and terminate the processes held up by the malware so that the antivirus can then remove the files that generate them (because the antivirus cannot delete files in use on the PC from the computer).
  • Alternatively, you can also use, for peace of mind, Comodo Cleaning Essentials to recognize viruses, which works in a similar way to RKill, but with an easier-to-understand and use graphical button interface.
  • Dr. Web CureIt is another free on-demand scanner for Windows PC that has the particularity of being able to run from a USB stick, without installing anything. So if you can’t install MalwareBytes, you can run this scanner. Dr. Web CureIt is one of the portable antiviruses for emergency scans.
  • Malware Fighter is a program similar to Malwarebytes, completely free to find and remove all types of threats and infections that may be hidden on your PC.
  • HijackThis is a program that scans the critical points of the system to find problems or possible malware to be analyzed. If you are not sure how to recognize a virus, you should use one of the rootkit scanners, For example, McAfee RootkitRemover.


Using all the programs indicated in the chapters above we will be able to restore the correct functioning of the browser and clean the PC from spyware and adware. Like any infection it is advisable to act immediately to avoid worse damage: as soon as we see the appearing early symptoms of a computer virus it is advisable to immediately start with targeted scans, so as to be able to intervene promptly.

Virus infections from malicious websites can also be prevented by installing antivirus extensions.
If, on the other hand, we have to restore the browser to the initial settings, just read our Guide to restore Chrome, Firefox, Edge to the initial state.


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