Programs and practical guide to remove the vocals from a song so that only the music is heard

Delete vocals from song Eliminating the vocals means remove the singing voice thus obtaining only the musical base, excellent if we have to rehearse the song with our voice or if we have to organize a karaoke evening with friends. This operation is still rather complicated but if we are not too demanding the results are more than decent, the volume of the singing will be so low that it will almost no longer be audible.

In this article we will show you how to remove vocals from a piece of music using free programs and sites, so that we can immediately test them with our favorite songs without having to use professional software that is too difficult (just a few clicks are enough).

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1) Audacity

Plugin Audacity The program we recommend trying right away to remove the vocals from a song so you can sing over it or make karaoke is Audacityamong the best open source programs for audio processing on PC.

The program is multiplatform, so we can use it without problems both on Windows and on Mac and Linux.
With Audacity you can eliminate the singing part and thus create an instrumental base only if the voice is placed in the center of the stereo and is heard on both speakers, both on the left and on the right.
However, we can try the same with any sung audio track by following the steps as described below.

We open Audacity and load the music file we intend to edit by clicking File -> You open. The song will immediately be loaded into the interface, showing itself in the center with its frequency peaks.

To remove the voice of the song in a simple way we can rely on the effect Vocal Remover, present among the Audacity tools; let’s click Effects and select the item Vocal Remover. Once this voice has been selected, a small window will open where we will have to indicate the frequencies that will be cut from the song so that the singing voice can no longer be heard.

The default settings are sufficient to remove the singing (or at least reduce it to a whisper); click on OK to apply the filter and remove the singing from a piece of music.
Now we will immediately see the frequency peaks of the song reduce significantly in the center of the application; we can check the result immediately by clicking Play.

As already mentioned, the removal of the voice is quite effective: the instruments can be heard (almost) all, a lot of bass is lost but the singing is transformed into a barely audible whisper (just sing over it to no longer hear anything).

We can play with the plugin by increasing the cut frequencies to try to remove as much vocals as possible, but remember that many instruments play on various frequencies and we could remove too much basic music, making the song too artificial and “muffled”, effectively ruining the whole effect we wanted to achieve.

If we are satisfied with the result we can save this song without the vocals (to use it as karaoke or as the basis for a new musical project) by clicking on File -> Export Audio.

If in doubt, you can also read the official guide for Vocal Remover in Audacity.

2) Vocal Reducer

Programma Vocal Reducer As an alternative to Audacity you can use the software Vocal Reducerdownloadable for free for Windows.

Vocal Reducer allows you to remove the singing voice in a song, without attenuating the bass. To use it all we have to do is load the song using File -> Load and once inside the program click on Vocal Reducerthen confirm with OK.

The result is very good, similar to that obtainable with Audacity but with greater precision especially at intermediate frequencies.

3) Master Audio

Program Master Audio Another free program that we can use is Master Audiowhich has a function capable of eliminating noise from an audio track and, therefore, also eliminating singing from the piece of music.

Simply load the song into the program and use your voice Effects -> Vocal removal to remove all the singing. The result is practically identical to that obtainable with Audacity, but if we don’t want to use the latter we can focus on Master Audio to immediately create our song without singing.

4) Notta Online Vocal Remover (online)

If we don’t want to use any program to eliminate the singing voice from music we can rely on an online site such as Notta Online Vocal Remover to remove the entire singing part without having to do practically anything.

To proceed we open the site with any type of browser, load the song from which to remove the voice by pressing on Upload fileswe wait for the end of the conversion and then choose whether to download only the vocal part or the instrumental part (the one that interests us for this article). All downloaded files are in MP3 format, ready to be played on your phone or PC.

The peculiarity of this site is its compatibility with the most popular file formats: in addition to audio files, we can also upload video files in MP4, M4A or AVI format, so as to extract the instrumental even from videos downloaded from the web.

5) LALAL.AI (online, app)

The best solution to eliminate vocals from a song or piece is without a shadow of a doubt LALAL.AIan online site that uses artificial intelligence to effectively remove the vocals from any song, leaving only the instrumental available to the user.

To use it, open the site, press on Vocal and instrumental in the drop-down menu, click on Select files, we upload up to 20 music or video files and confirm; after a few minutes we will have the two audio tracks extracted from the original file, that is Vocal e Instrumentalready to be downloaded (in our case we will only download the Instrumental).

In addition to the site we can also use LALAL.AI from smartphones Androidyes iPhone/iPad it’s yes Windows/Macusing the app directly from our favorite device to remove the vocals from a song.


With the sites and apps seen above we will be able to remove vocals from music with excellent final qualityalthough a lot also depends on how the music was recorded, the microphone used, the special effects, the choirs and many other factors.

If we want to sing on a famous song It is better to directly download the songs in karaoke version or with the various frequencies that can be deactivated, only in this way will we obtain the best results. For further information we can read our guides to Karaoke programs for singing on the computer and at best Karaoke apps for singing on Android and iPhone.


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