Repairing your Pixel is easier with the dedicated Google app

The European legislator has long been promoting regulations that can contribute to extend the life cycle of mobile devices. From this point of view, Google has launched a series of initiatives that aim to make its products more sustainable, long-lasting and above all, more easily repairable. Repair Pixels it will be within the reach of an ever-increasing number of users, even without turning to specialized assistance centers.

The Mountain View company says it has invested in longevity of the products: mentions the collaboration with iFixit on original spare parts started in 2022 ei 7 years of support per Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Pro.

Pixel repair mode: what it is and what it is for

To accommodate users who deliver theirs smartphone Pixel to a professional or service center for repair purposes, Google announces the introduction of a special operating mode.

The new Repair mode Pixel helps users protect their privacy by preventing access to all data on the mobile device when the terminal is in repair. It is not necessary to carry out activities backupdata deletion and restoration.

The user, when he wishes, can activate this function to protect his data, hand the device over to a technician and deactivate the tool as soon as the smartphone is returned.

Google Pixel Repair Mode

Diagnostics app, useful for checking the status of your smartphone and detecting problems

Owners of Google Pixel devices also now have the option to use Pixel Diagnostic Appwhich can be called directly from the app Telephone of Android. Just type the special code *#*#7287#*#*.

This is an official tool that allows you to try the phone before and after a repair, highlighting any problems. Google claims that the app in question is also effective for very simply checking whether the smartphone works in all respects once repaired.

The app includes a diagnostic test comprehensively capable of detecting problems across the entire device, as well as individually testing for physical defects and issues that affect the smartphone’s display, sensors and connectivity.

The Mountain View company has also updated the Google Help pages with useful instructions for repairing the Pixel yourself. Using the same resource, you can find out how to order replacement parts, view repair manuals, run diagnostic tests, and purchase the tools and parts you need.

One of the most interesting aspects of Google’s approach is that the company intends to benefit small businesses and local repairers providing simplified and easily accessible procedures to restore the functioning of any Pixel.

We remain committed to continually improving repairability of devices to reduce the need for tools and instruments, expanding access to repairs for small business owners and end customers“, Google notes in a note.


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