Does our smartphone not want to turn off or does not restart in any way, resulting in it being completely blocked? Let’s see together how to solve it.

Phone stuck turning off

A simple operation such as turning off or restarting the phone can turn into a nightmare, especially when the iPhone or Android smartphone seems to be stuck on the shutdown screen or does not respond to the restart.

There are, fortunately, several ways to restore a locked smartphoneforcing shutdown or restart, or using other extreme tricks to try to fix the problem.

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1) Force restart phone

On iPhones we can force a restart, so as to be able to restore the correct functioning of the Apple device, whatever the model in use.

Its a iPhone 8, an iPhone SE 2nd generation or later we can force restart by quickly pressing the button Volume Suby quickly pressing the button Volume Down and holding down the power button until the Apple logo appears.

Take into account what is written in the guide on how force restart your iPhone and enter recovery mode.

On Android phones, simply hold down the power button until the phone is completely forced to reboot; on these devices we can also read our guide on how to use broken android buttons that don’t work.

2) Turn off your phone from settings

On iPhone we can also turn off the device without using any physical buttons. To use this “secret” technique we open the app Settingslet’s get into the menu Generalpress down on the button Switch off and swipe up to turn off the phone.

There is no similar function on Android but, come on Xiaomi phonewe can program the switching off and on, leaving the phone to turn itself off and solve the problem.

In this regard we can read our guide on how to make your phone restart automatically.

3) Remove the phone case or cover

A common problem with power buttons is covers and cases: they are sometimes so thick that they prevent the correct pressing of the shutdown button or the forced shutdown procedure seen at the beginning of the article.

For this reason we advise you to always remove covers and cases if we encounter problems turning off or restarting the phone. In this regard, we invite you to read the guides above how to choose a new phone case come on how to choose shockproof covers or films to avoid falls.

4) Update your phone

Since the phone doesn’t want to know to turn off properly it’s worth looking for new updatesin the hope of finding one that fixes any problems caused by a previous update or some fix released after the phone’s launch.

To correctly update our iPhone or Android phones we recommend reading the guides on how to update android to the latest version come on how to properly update an iPhone.

If the Android phone is very old it is worth considering using a custom ROM, as seen in the guide above how to install LineageOS, the best Android ROM, on your mobile phone.

5) Reset phone settings

The last resort for those who want to use their phone and turn it off regularly without problems is to completely reset the device.

To restore an iPhone let’s take the path Settings -> General -> Transfer or Erase iPhonewe press on Initialize contents and settingswe confirm where necessary and wait for the first boot of the restored iPhone.

On Android the procedure changes based on the system in use; for this reason I strongly advise you to read the suggestions in the article on how to format Android and reset the phone by erasing everything.


The phone that does not want to turn off, that is stuck on the shutdown screen or that does not restart in any way can still be recovered with some simple reset or forced shutdown procedureseven on modern phones without a removable battery (a real flaw of today’s phones, given that previously it was enough to remove that to always solve the problem).

To learn more we can read our guides on all the ways to turn off a locked iPhone come on how to force restart smartphones, PCs, TVs, tablets and modems.


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