Rive Renderer: the 2D and 3D rendering engine becomes open source

Rive Renderer: the 2D and 3D rendering engine becomes open source

Rive Renderer is a 2D and 3D rendering engine used to create and display animations and scalable vector graphics (SVG). Formerly known as 2Dimensionsit is a package that offers a series of features for creating interactive animated content.

The objective of the application is to allow the management of complex animationsallowing developers to create engaging and interactive user experiences.

One of the main advantages of a solution like Rive Renderer is that it can be easily integrated into existing web and mobile applications using libraries e framework popular ones like React, Flutter and others. This allows developers to easily add animations and vector graphics to their applications without having to rewrite everything from scratch.

The product is designed to guarantee optimal performance even with complex animations. It uses advanced rendering techniques to ensure that animations are presented smoothly and without lag, even on devices with limited hardware resources.

Rive Renderer now open source and available on all platforms

The community of developers and graphic designers has reason to rejoice: the long-awaited announcement of the open source version Rive Renderer is finally here. With the opening of the source code of Rive Renderer, a new era for the interactive graphics.

The Rive Renderer open source package keeps intact “the pillars” of the software that we knew until now: developers can draw an unprecedented amount of Vector graphics with ultra-fast yield. Whether filling the screen with vector graphics or razor-sharp text, Rive Renderer ensures that every element “comes alive” at 120 frames per second (fps) with anti-aliasing quality impeccable.

In short, designers can focus exclusively on creating content, without worrying about performance of the final product.

After two years of development, Rive Renderer is so optimized that it ensuresexperience without restrictions. Developers have total control over the entire process, from the creation of content in the editor, to its viewing and interaction by end users.

For those who want to experiment with Rive Renderer, you can use it on iOS, Android It is on Web, following the instructions available on GitHub. Furthermore, the software is already integrated into the runtimes of Unity e Unrealwith more additions on the way.

Opening the Rive Renderer code represents a significant step towards innovation in the field of interactive graphics. With a wide range of new features and optimized performance, the application continues to remain at the forefront of the industry, giving developers the tools needed to create extraordinary digital experiences.

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