Roborock announces the new robot vacuum cleaners of the T8 series

With control via voice commands or remotely via app, the new Roborock robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners arrive on the market which, with the T8 series, has also introduced a fast mapping algorithm and a sensor to recognize multiple types of obstacles.
Roborock announces the new robot vacuum cleaners of the T8 series

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After the past announcements made at CES 2022, the Chinese brand Roborock has announced in China the new generation of its robot vacuum cleaners, the T8 Series, with a base model and a Plus model.

The silent (63 decibels) Roborock T8 is equipped with a suction power of 4,200 Pa, ideal for removing dirt from the seams of carpets (it climbs up to 2 cm) and from the interstices of the floor: the air inlet is been expanded by 5 times, while shortening the vent path maximized the utilization rate of the air volume. The main brush, with spiral structure, made of soft TPU, sucks the hair perfectly, depositing it mainly in the dust container, and marginally on the sides of the main brush, in removable boxes.

Once the dust has been collected, or the floor has been washed (thanks to its 350 ml tank, ideal for surfaces up to 300 m2), the T8 returns to the charging base, which also takes care of emptying the dirt, thanks to a power of 27000 Pa fielded by its two fans, depositing it in a 470 ml container that needs to be emptied only 6 times a year.

In terms of navigation, the Roborock T8 robot uses the gyroscope, the accelerometer, the ultrasound radar and, to free itself from the lighting conditions, a laser radar (LIDAR LDS), with the data that, offered to the RR Mason 9.0 algorithm , allow you to prevent the device from falling down stairs or getting stuck under furniture. In closing, a mention to the control, which can take place both with voice commands and through the companion app. Sold alone, the Roborock T8 robot costs 2,799 yuan (392 euros) promoted at 2,299 yuan (322 euros): with the emptying station it costs 3,599 yuan (504 euros) scaled in promo to 2,999 yuan (420 euros).

Sold respectively at 2,799 yuan (392 euros), the Roborock T8 Plus also takes the field (also in the Dust Collection, i.e. with self-emptying station, with a price of 3,598 yuan or 504 euros). The new and silent (61 dBA) model in question has a suction power of 5100 Pa, and operates through a main brush with a design that avoids blocking from hair, a side brush adjustable in speed, and a floating brush in soft TPU formed by 4 short and 4 long parts. In cleaning, the T8 Plus provides not only power, but also an ultrasound system (the result of the vibrations of the motors at 3000 rpm) that crumbles stubborn dirt, and a vibrating mop (which can be set according to three cleaning levels: fine , deep, slow) connected to an electronically controlled water tank to operate in constant humidity without leaving puddles.

In terms of navigation, the Roborock T8 Plus uses the Reactive AI 2.0 sensor, which avoids, after recognizing them, 27 different types of obstacles, also responsible for raising the floating brush when a carpet is identified, without missing the RR mason algorithm 9.0 which speeds up mapping by 6 times.

At the end of cleaning, the robot returns to the charging base to top up the 5,200 mAh battery (enough to cover 250 m2): the latter also has an option equipped with a bag with an anti-loss design of 2.5 liters, which only needs to be changed once every 60 days. (in total also here 6 times a year). It should be noted that the control app (if you do not use voice commands), also useful for changing the robot settings or programming its cleaning shifts, if used in tandem with a phone such as the iPhone 13 Pro, also allows you to view the map in AR.


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