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Safari features to use on iPhone

Safari is the web browser of Appleof course also available on iPhonewhich offers tons of features that can help the user better manage privacythe contents on the web and guarantee the best browsing experience possible.

Many are well-known features, others are little known but no less useful for the user experience of iOS.

Here are the best tips and tricks to make the most of Safari.

Use extensions for Safari

browsing Safari from a tablet

Safari also allows you to use different extensions which allow you to significantly expand the browser functionality even using third-party components.

The various solutions are present inside from the App Store, in the appropriate category where it will be possible to install them just like with any other application.

Besides, some of these addons are bundled with the different Appslike those for Apple Watch for example, and can be enabled or disabled from Safari settings.

Advanced privacy features

incognito browsing on safari

Safari also has some inside advanced privacy settings which can be fully explored in the tab Privacy and security.

Among these, those to prevent tracking between sitesso that navigation cannot be tracked by sites or advertisers and that for hide the IP addressavailable with iCloud Private Relay (which works via subscription to iCloud+ about are Apple One) to prevent trackers and websites from seeing your information.

Apple has always been very attentive to privacy and for all users who use Safari it has developed a series of advanced settings designed specifically for the web

Among the possibilities offered by the iOS browser also the one for disable Ad Measurement for the protection of privacywhich guarantees a further limitation to web browsing tracking.

Player mode

MacBook Pro

On Safari it is possible enable Reader Mode by tapping and holding the button to the left of any website URL.

When the mode is active the browser will eliminate all superfluous information on the page except the content of the web page and will present it in a format suitable for reading.

Reader mode is perfect for eliminating all those distractions that can disturb users while viewing an article or text on a website

This is a very useful function because, first of all, remove ads irritating ones (including those that update while reading), on top of that it also deletes the formatting or website styles that may make it more difficult to focus on text, including “odd” fonts and colors.

The setting, of course, is fully customizable and allows the user to better manage the reading mode in order to make it more akin to his needs.

Set up the Safari reading list to save webpages

web search on ipad

Sometimes it is possible add to a reading list a site or article so that it can be read at a later time.

To access the option Add to reading list just press your finger on a link for an extended time and save the article or site so that it can be archived in the appropriate space.

Sites added to the list end up in Bookmarks in the section Reading list. Important to remember that if the user owns multiple Apple devices, this folder will automatically update to all devices using the same account.

Organize tab groups

Safari icon on iPhone

Keep the organized tabs can be a way to better manage your browsing session and Safari allows you to create neatly labeled groups so you always have all the various sessions just a tap away.

Organizing groups of tabs allows for a more orderly navigation so that the user can better organize the open web pages without distractions

To set up groups just start Safari, done tap on the tab display button in the lower right corner of the screen and select the label that appears at the bottom of the screen, which will report the number of open tabs.

At this point you can create a new empty group of tabs or create a new one with all the ones open and customize it as you see fit.

Add sites to the Home screen

Safari icon

Among the possibilities of Safari, that of using websites as they were of any App.

To do this, just open a page, go to settings and tap on Add to Home. In this way, exactly as it happens for Android it will be possible to use the various sites as if they were applications which, of course, will not be installed among other programs but will still be part of Safari.

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