Safari, what we know about the new smart assistant arriving with iOS 18

According to rumors circulating on the web, the new iOS 18 will bring substantial innovations on board future vehicles iPhone 16 and on all other compatible models.

Among the most recent rumors, those concerning a new navigation assistant per Safari. The leaker discovered the news Nicolas Alvarez who found this information on a second backend code on the servers of Apple. Let’s find out more about it.

New Safari features, what we know

There is very little information on the new features of Safari and the navigation assistant but the most accredited hypothesis is that this tool can help users with searchesproposing them the summary of the content of a page and other suggestions for making easier navigationperhaps showing similar research o insights of sorts.

Other than this we don’t know anything else about this function and, in fact, these hypotheses have obviously not found any confirmation from Apple.

Of course, it is not even certain that this news will arrive directly with the first release of Safari and, indeed, it could be released at a later time, precisely to make the most of its potential

As is well known, however, iOS 18 will focus heavily onartificial intelligence and the next features will involve a good part of the system applications which will be enhanced by the new and highly secret AI tools that the Cupertino giant is secretly working on.

The positive news is that, with good chances, we won’t have to wait long before the company reveals the new operating system, which will be the central topic of the next Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) scheduled for next June 10th.

What to expect from Apple

As just said, Apple is working on its brand new one generative artificial intelligence which has already been defined as a sea change for the next version of iOS.

Moreover, according to the most accredited rumors, it seems that the technology giant is completely rethinking the user experience, the interface not functionality of the operating system precisely to allow the software to perfectly accommodate the AI ​​features and integrate them perfectly within each individual process.

Besides this, it is practically known that Apple is working on inserting artificial intelligence inside as well of individual applications system, such as Safari, a change that will give a nice boost to the various tools on the iPhone and iPad (and probably also Apple Vision Pro) greatly simplifying users’ lives.

Another important news is a new version of Siri also powered by AI and which should be much more powerful and, above all, interact 360° with the device, including third-party applications.

Finally, Apple is also working on a bigger one mode Of customization of smartphones, with users who will be able to give space to creativity, shaping their own version of iOS 18 according to their needs, perhaps taking what was seen on Android.

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