Samsung: a new gesture is ready for looking at the time on a Galaxy smartphone

Samsung: a new gesture is ready for looking at the time on a Galaxy smartphone

Smartphones that belong to the Android world enjoy many useful features. This is the peculiarity of the operating system, especially side Samsung. From pressing the power button to simply tapping the screen, there are many ways to check the time on a Galaxy smartphone, for example. Apparently, however, at Samsung they are thinking of something new that could be useful for making the time appear on the display.

As noted by a very active informant on the web, the South Korean giant is apparently working on an update for the app Good Lock. This update will introduce a feature that the development team calls “Check the time with a tap on the back“.

Samsung, just a touch on the back of the smartphone will make the time appear

The developers are reportedly working on RegiStar, a module for Good Lock that allows you to assign functions to a certain gesture, more specifically to the double tap on the back of the phone. For example, users can acquire one screenshot by double tapping the back cover of the phone. The functionality is practically equivalent to Quick Tap on a Pixel smartphone. The goal now is to include the opportunity to be able to control the time simply by double tapping the back of a Galaxy smartphone.

This feature helps you check the time by touching the back of the device even in an environment where it is difficult to see the screen and aims to improve accessibility.
Notably, this feature also works “when the screen is off” unlike the other Back-Tap actions, so it is expected to be of great help to those who need it“.

A function like this is very useful especially when it is difficult, in some situations, to touch the screen to make it light up and check the time. At least for the moment it is not known when the feature will be made official, but it should arrive first on the Galaxy Z foldables arriving in July.

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