Samsung: AI will boost chip and smartphone sales in 2024

Samsung: AI will boost chip and smartphone sales in 2024

After a difficult year, Samsung seems to have fully recovered, increasing its profit tenfold, which reached the exorbitant figure of 6.31 trillion Won (approximately 4.9 billion euros).

The market of chipcharacterized by a constantly growing demand, and the impressive numbers recorded by Galaxy S24, have certainly had a considerable impact on the growth of turnover. According to market experts, this trend will be confirmed throughout 2024, also thanks to theGenerative Artificial Intelligence.

Precisely within the scope of this technology, the production of server e PC offer further growth margins for the Korean giant. According to Samsung itself, in fact, the question relating tohardware connected to AI has shown a solid trend, with continuous and sustained demand.

Although the first balance sheets for 2024 are positive, it must then be calculated that this period of the year is the “weakest” one. All this suggests that the best is yet to come for the company in the coming months, with presumably even more convincing numbers.

After a year of uncertainty, Samsung returns to record mind-boggling numbers

In the first quarter of the year, the division Device Solutions (DS), devoted to chip production, contributed 1.9 trillion won to the company’s profit (approximately 1.4 billion euros). This is a return to profit after the darkness of last year, characterized by an overall loss of 4.58 trillion won (3.4 billion euros). In addition to the Galaxy S24, Samsung is also aiming strongly for the near future foldable devices and on tablet.

The Asian company, however, is not the only one that is benefiting from the AI ‚Äč‚Äčrevolution: the other big tech companies that are riding the wave have also obtained enormous benefits from this boom. Also Microsoftfor example, has gained enormous momentum from this new technology: it is estimated that, for the Redmond giant, the diffusion of AI has enabled a growth in turnover of 18%.

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