Samsung anima l’estate musicale con i party speaker Sound Tower 2022

A fresh press release from Samsung revealed the commercial availability of the new series of immersive sound bi-directional party speakers from the Sound Tower 2022 series.
Samsung anima l’estate musicale con i party speaker Sound Tower 2022

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There is no doubt that the most suitable season for music, partying, singing and dancing, alone or in company, indoors as well as (better still) outdoors, is summer. Aware of this, the Korean Samsung was ready for the recently begun summer by announcing the new series of bi-directional Sound Tower 2022 speakers (already available starting from 398.94 euros, for the main model), capable of delivering an audio immersive (also thanks to the revisited design) that best fills any environment, outdoor or indoor.

The speakers in question are three, represented by the MX-ST90B, MX-ST50B and MX-ST40B models, differentiated by the power of emission, with the first, the top of the range or big brother of the trio, characterized by dynamic and strong bass, and an emission power of 1,700 watts maximum (a big leap forward compared to the 2021 model, MX-T70, exceeded by 200 watts), against 240 in the second and 160 in the third.

Thanks to Bluetooth, it is possible to connect on the fly, to a smartphone or to a TV, a Sound Tower 2022 speaker, which, indeed, also lends itself well in a multi-room perspective, since it is possible to pair it to the same source up to to 10 units through the Group Play function, to be accompanied by music wherever you go, while – by pairing up in the same environment plus Sound Tower 2022 – you get truly immersive and stereophonic audio.

There is also the attention to the passion of many, that of karaoke, with the possibility of wirelessly connecting up to 2 microphones, and the companion app that also allows you to select and adjust particular effects commensurate with the musical genre or the situation of the audio playback.

Being in practice real party speakers, the new Sound Tower 2022 by Samsung do not lack a certain immunity to splashes, from various angles (according to what is foreseen by the assignment of the IPX5 certification), an autonomy of up to 18 hours, and of rhythmic light effects. In this regard, in addition to being able to take advantage of the fun DJ effects, you can switch between 5 ad hoc presets (Ambient, Dance, Party, Stat and Thunder Bolt).

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