During its Bespoke Home 2022 event, Samsung has anticipated some of the home automation solutions, for home living and the kitchen, which will arrive to users by the end of the year, also improved in the capacity for inter-product dialogue.
Samsung: anticipated some news for home automation at Bespoke Home 2022

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Always active in the branch of home automation, the Korean brand Samsung, in recent days, participating in some important events in the sector, has anticipated some of its next resources in terms of the Internet of Things, both in terms of products and services and functions.

Fresh from the appearance at the EuroCucina / FTK Technology For the Kitchen 2022 event, where he exhibited the Series 4, Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 of his artificial intelligence ovens with double cooking type and control via SmartThings, at the new edition of the kermesse Bespoke Home 2022, one of the previews concerned the Bespoke AI ovens: arriving in Europe in the second half of 2022, the latter, designed without handles, thanks to the Sense-to-Open function, can simply be touched to open. With the function known as AI Pro Cooking, in recognizing the ingredients of a meal being cooked, they adjust the settings accordingly and proceed to keep the ingredients attentive until the relative, perfect, cooking. With the Dual Cook Steam function, it is also possible to steam some dishes and others in the traditional way, using different settings at the same time.

In July, in the US market, the new ultra-high capacity washing machines (Ultra Capacity), 150 liters, Bespoke AI will arrive in the four colors Brushed Navy, Silver Steel, Brushed Black and Forest Greena: the latter will have the eco-doser function, which will take care of the automatic detergent dosage, where the OptiWash function will be able to optimize the use of water and detergent in relation to the level of dirt recognized.

The Bespoke AI dryers equipped with AI Optimal Dry, thanks to a new humidity sensor, will see their algorithm for managing the drying time and temperature in order to obtain greater efficiency and prevent the heat from ruining the clothes. Taking into account the programs most used by users in terms of drying and washing, the Smart Dial function will always suggest the best programs to the user. By purchasing the Bespoke AI dryer and washing machine together, and being able to use both the Super Speed ​​Washer and the Super Speed ​​Dry functions accordingly, users will have perfectly washed and dried garments in an hour. Another element that will unite both washing machines and dryers of this series will be that, in Europe, they will be recipients of eco-compatible and energy-saving features such as Ecobubble, SpaceMax and AI Wash.

In the meantime, the SmartThings Home Life connective hub will debut by June which, capable of covering services for the care of the house, animals, air quality, cooking, energy management, will enhance the capacity of the compatible devices that you want. use to talk to each other to work in synergy. There will be software updates for the Family Hub refrigerators: food recognition will be improved in the USA and Korea, so that the refrigerated “galley” will better manage food and drinks. In the USA and Canada, it will be possible to use both Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby (Dual AI Voice Assistant) on the same device.

Again in favor of users of Korea and the USA it will be possible to entertain themselves with their favorite streams, directly from the screens of the fridge, thanks to the free Samsung TV Plus platform. Only in the USA, Smart Reorders will help to easily order, through Amazon Prime, the filters of the ‘water.


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