After months of waiting, coinciding with the arrival in Italy, it is possible to deepen the specifications of the new smart TV The Sero 2022 by Samsung, with a screen now opaque, always rotatable vertically.
Samsung brings The Sero 2022 rotatable smart TV with matte screen to Italy

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Samsung, after having exhibited it and mentioned it at CES 2022, has finally brought to Italy the new smart TV The Sero 2022 which, able to rotate vertically, is suitable for viewing TikTok videos and those shot by mobile phones in general.

Similar in design to the 2020 model, the new version of The Sero has a front section in Navy Blue fabric designed to hide the audio equipment, and can rest either through a base with a small stand that tilts it slightly backwards, or on some sort of optional trolley with wheels, in case you plan to move it frequently. Technically, The Sero 2022 employs a 43-inch LCD panel, resolved in UltraHD, with the use of Quantum Dots which makes it belong to the QLED type.

Probably equipped with Edge LED backlighting (therefore peripheral), The Sero 2022 improves contrast through the same anti-glare matt treatment (Matte Display) of the new The Frame 2022 TVs: support for high dynamic range (HDR10, HDR10 + is also known). Adaptive, HLG) while further visual benefits are guaranteed by the Quantum 4K processor, which ensures upscaling, fluidizes moving images (via Motion Plus), improves viewing angles (Wide Viewing Angle), increases the sense of depth by sharpening the between the elements in the foreground and those in the background (Real Depth Enhancer), and improves the contrast (Supreme UHD Dimming).

Over time, the accuracy in the color rendering can be kept constant, through the periodic Basic calibrations obtained using the iPhone or your smartphone. Of course, if you’re not interested in all these enhancement alterations, you can resort to the director’s cut purism of Filmmaker Mode. The attention to gaming of The Sero 2022, credited with 50/60 Hz refresh rate, passes through the HDR format of the HGiG, for the extension of the playing field in 21: 9 (Super Ultra Wide Game View), and for some HDMI 2.1 functions (ALLM and, on the third HDMI port, eARC).

On the sound level, the 60W output delivered by the 4.1-channel system benefits from several useful bonuses: with the Object Tracking Sound Lite, which allows the sound to follow the action on the screen, the surround is increased, while the Adaptive Sound + adapts the playing to the characteristics of the environment, and the Active Voice Amplifier makes the dialogues always perceptible even in the noisiest contexts.

The Smart TV platform of The Sero 2022, controllable via remote control with solar-powered back, passes through the Tizen proprietary firmware, with reference in the full-screen UI to various well-known streams (eg YouTube, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV and Netflix ), with other contents (perhaps displayed in multi-view) that can be acquired through the decoders for digital terrestrial / satellite with HbbTV 2.0.3 hybrid TV, through the Pay TV slot (CI + with ECP 1.4 anti-piracy), or the casting from smartphone (Dex wireless or AirPlay 2). There is no shortage of the possibility of using The Sero 2022 for video calls with Duo (by connecting a webcam), support for Bixby assistants, Assistant and, via external speaker, Alexa, and the implementation of Bluetooth 5.2: the price is 1,496, 26 euros on the official store, also payable in 20 installments of 81.22 euros per month.


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