Samsung challenges Apple, here is the Galaxy SmartTag 2 with more precise GPS

It’s been since last 2021 that Samsung has entered the world of trackers, better known in Europe as locators. His first SmartTag kicked off the South Korean giant’s experience in this world, with the Plus model following closely.

To date, however, the Asian brand has raised the bar by launching the new version of the device, i.e. the new one Galaxy SmartTag 2. There are several improvements that Samsung has made with this product, thus leaving the last edition to the annals.

Samsung presents its Galaxy SmartTag 2, what has changed

Galaxy SmartTag2 Samsung tracker

First of all, the new SmartTag 2 enjoys a strong increase inautonomy: the battery is in fact 50% more performing and can last up to 500 days. This is done using the normal mode, while choosing the a mode energy saving it even reaches 700 days. Not to forget the implementation of technology Ultra Wide-Band (UWB), for greater precision.

In addition to this aspect, Samsung has also worked hard on resistance. The new Galaxy SmartTag 2 in fact shows all its quality against water and dust thanks to the standard IP67a clear improvement considering that the previous Plus model, being IP52, was able to withstand at most a few splashes of water.

Among the innovations that Samsung’s SmartTag 2 introduces is the “lost mode” which allows personal information to be added to the tag with a message. This way, if someone finds an object or animal with the Galaxy SmartTag 2 connected, they will be able to scan it managing to trace the owner. This functionality is available on all smartphones with NFC and not just Samsung.

These are some of the best additions that this small device, also modified in design, brings with it. Probably Samsung’s aim this time is to demonstrate to Apple that even in this field it will be possible to give vent to the purest rivalry that has always implied the two brands.

The price of the Galaxy SmartTag 2, on sale next October 11thit should start from 29,99 € as far as the European market is concerned.


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