Samsung challenges Apple with the AI-powered Galaxy S24

2023 is coming to an end and now that all the remaining flagships have been presented, we can only wait Samsung. Smartphone enthusiasts have their eyes on what will be the next generation of the absolute top of the range in the Android world. At the beginning of 2024 the official presentation should take place, with the new ones Galaxy S24 ready to give Apple a hard time first and foremost.

The role of absolute dominator will continue to be carried forward by Samsung with this new line-up which will see some improvements compared to the current Galaxy S23. The objectives that the South Korean company is setting itself are truly ambitious: what it currently promises users concerns a telephone experience totally focused onartificial intelligence.

This will therefore be the right way to throw down a gauntlet to Apple and its new iPhone 15.

Samsung: a huge number of devices for the public and here comes generative AI

According to some reports from South Korea, Samsung has chosen to go big. The volume of shipments would be decided: well 35 million of units for the entire Galaxy S24 series.

The increase is 10% compared to the shipped units of the Galaxy S23 range, with a net increase also compared to the S22 and S21 series. To encourage the public to purchase its products, thus achieving the desired results, Samsung would like to focus entirely ongenerative artificial intelligence.

The giant would plan to implement the main functions of smartphones with this resource. Messages, voice recognition, photos and much more can take on totally different characters.

As some rumors reveal, Samsung is also thinking of integrating it into smartphones ChatGPT o Google Bard. This is therefore a further confirmation of some previous reports which announced Samsung’s willingness to work on the introduction of an experience based on generative artificial intelligence.

There will be many new features and much more will be known starting from the next few weeks that will close this 2023.


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