Samsung Cling Band, what it is and how the new wrist smartphone works

Among the most interesting prototypes that appeared at Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, ​​there was certainly the Samsung Cling Bandthe first smartphone with flexible screen made by the South Korean company.

A very interesting project that could bring a new form factor on the market but which, to be honest, must be considered with due caution. It is, in fact, only a prototype created by the technology giant to showcase its new ones screen OLED which, optimistically speaking, could also be applied to devices with “less conventional” shapes.

This doesn’t mean that the device will arrive on the market (it’s still too early to say) but it is a way to show the world the potential of these screens and what future applications could be.

How the Samsung Cling Band works

The innovative Samsung Cling Band there is one OLED screen extremely flexible that can flex to such an extent that this smartphone becomes a real one device to wear on the wristlike a bracelet or a smartwatch.

And this is precisely the fulcrum of the discussion, with the prototype that wants to become a sort of meeting point between one smartphone in the classic sense of the term e a smart watchto be imagined as a sort of extension of the functionality of your phone, but which in this case is a device in its own right.

Clearly, since it is exclusively a prototype, there is very little information about it and, in addition to the OLED screen, we know that on the back there is a camera (with unknown technical specifications) and various sensors for monitoring vital parameters, such as heart rate, i blood oxygen levels and probably other detections (active only in smartwatch mode).

In addition to this, always on the back, the device also presents a kind of “groove” with many small grooves to use to flex the phone and make it stay in position, with the possibility of hooking it to the wrist like a hi-tech bracelet.

This is all we know about the Samsung Cling Band and, until the South Korean giant decides the fate of this prototype, there’s a good chance we won’t know more.

Samsung Cling Band, data d’uscita

Obviously, the Samsung Cling Band It doesn’t have a release date and for the moment only a prototype remains to be shown to the public at the Mobile World Congress.

That said, the device has garnered a lot of supportalso because it could be imagined as a real one designer accessory which could win over users, especially those looking for a product that is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.

We’ll see if in the future Samsung will really decide to continue developing the device but, for the moment, it is still early to make predictions and such a product may not be among the tech giant’s priorities.

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