Samsung could also anticipate the arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Fold6

Samsung could also anticipate the arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Fold6

The foldable smartphones from di Samsung they have dominated the market dedicated to them all over the world and even managed to set records. To date these Galaxy once unthinkable, they have also become somewhat of a point of reference for other foldable devices, which in one way or another have taken over both their aesthetics and other features in order to try to beat them.

Several foldable devices from other brands today manage to put Samsung in serious difficulty at least when it comes to hardware, but when it comes to marketing and global distribution, the South Korean giant is second to none. In fact, Samsung proves to be significantly stronger than other brands in these aspects.

These are the main reasons why there is always so much anticipation behind the launch of the new leaflets arriving and in this case for the next ones Galaxy Z Fold6 e Galaxy Z Flip6. According to some news reports on the web in the last few hours, they could arrive even sooner than expected.

Does Samsung anticipate its leaflets? Here’s when the Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 could arrive

According to a report published on the web in these hours, Samsung will launch Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 at the beginning of next July. The event should be held in the second week of the month, probably on Wednesday, as per tradition at Samsung.

This would only mean one thing: next Galaxy Unpacked 2024 could keep the July 10, 2024. Furthermore, there are also rumors of an interesting initiative: Samsung intends to give away the Galaxy Ring and a Galaxy smartphone to all the athletes who will participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Bringing forward the entire range of leaflets by Samsung would result in an earlier sales program of three or four weeks compared to previous years. It therefore seems that Samsung intends to push harder and harder on its foldables.

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