Samsung Galaxy, how to hide photos and videos on devices

The privacy it is a very important discussion and, given that a large part of people’s lives passes through one smartphonethe safeguarding “sensitive” contents” on your devices is essential.

They pass through everyone’s phones every day “private” photos and videos or which in any case we would like to keep hidden from prying eyes. Doing so is simple, especially for owners of branded devices Samsung. Let’s see how to do it.

How to hide Gallery albums

As with any smartphone, all personal albums are obviously visible within the gallery.

Phones make no difference Samsungon which however it is possible hide them and keep them safe from prying eyes.

To do that, that’s enough open the app Galleria and tap on the menu, selecting the three dots positioned at the top of the screen.

Here you have to select the option Hide the album And that’s it. However it is important to remember that not all albums present can be hidden and system ones like Camera, Download e Recordings screen they must necessarily remain highlighted.

However it is possible hide personal albums and all their contents. Therefore it is clear that users can move the photos to be safe into their personal folders and hide them as indicated above.

A simple and intuitive operation which can represent a first step towards the security of your device and your privacy.

How to use Samsung Secure Folder

Of course, hiding one of your personal albums is very easy and is a first solution to guarantee your photos and videos some privacy.

However, those who know this feature can see hidden albums at any time, so it may be worth opting for a more secure file protection system such as Samsung Secure Folder.

This folder can be imagined as a kind of safe on the phone where you can store personal photos and videos in complete safety.

To do that, that’s enough open one of your imagestap on the menu with the three dots located at the bottom of the screen and select Move to Secure Folder.

At this point the user will be asked to authenticate (Pin, fingerprint or facial recognition) and once your identity has been confirmed the file in question will be stored safely.

Furthermore, the files inside this folder are protected by strict security protocols Samsung Knoxso even in the event of a hacker attack they should be (relatively) safe.

A great solution for device owners Samsung Galaxy who can thus take care of their privacy with a system already on board their smartphone and without the need to download other apps of third parties.

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