Samsung Galaxy Ring, what we know about the smart ring

Il Samsung Galaxy Ringthe new and highly anticipated smart ring from the technology giant, is getting closer and closer and, according to rumors, it seems that the official announcement will arrive on next July 10thduring the’Unpacked Event which will take place in Paris.

Despite the very little information about it, practically nothing else is talked about on the web and the rumors are chasing each other very quickly, with numerous leakers ready to discover more details about this wearable. Here’s what we know

Samsung Galaxy Ring, Lost Mode

The most recent rumors were found within the code of the latest update released for the app Galaxy Find which, needless to say, allows users with a Samsung device to find it or act on it remotely.

In the update in question, the Galaxy Ring also made its appearance which, clearly, can also be managed by the application in the event of theft or loss.

The leaked data speaks of one Lost Mode which should also make one of the LEDs inside the ring flash to make it easier to locate the device. Also from the app you can read information about the device (and the status of the LEDs) and alternatively activate it remotely.

Obviously this mode will also allow the use of a security lock to prevent thieves from having access to the personal information contained in the smart ring and even to block it and make it unusable.

More information on the Galaxy Ring

From what we know about the Galaxy Ringit seems that the device will come to the market with the idea of ​​being “extremely accessible” and, therefore, have a cost within everyone’s reach.

We know there will be a monthly subscription which will allow users to unlock premium features, although no further information is available on this.

Since it is a wearable, the choosing the right size will be fundamental and, for purchases on the web, it seems that Samsung has developed a special kit that will be sent to buyers to calculate the exact circumference of the finger before proceeding with the purchase.

As for features, we know that the device will be some kind of fitness tracker and what will it be well-being oriented.

It shouldn’t be a medical device, although it will allow users to monitor various vital parameters, probably a simplified version of the health suite already seen on the South Korean giant’s smartwatches.

In this sense Samsung remained rather vague, certainly confirming the presence of sensors for controlling various parameters, probably the blood oxygen level and the heart rate but, the necessary certifications to identify a medical device should not be present, therefore the company simply defines it as “device for personal well-being”.

That’s everything we know about the new one Samsung Galaxy Ringbut as the Unpacked Event approaches it is very likely that more information will leak out.

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