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Samsung Galaxy S24, all the news between screen and AI translator in messages

It should be shortly before the official release of the new ones Samsung Galaxy S24 and, despite theUnpacked Event is getting closer, there are very few confirmations on this smartphone.

Luckily, the web has been full of various rumors for some time and many rather reliable leakers have already had their say on the long-awaited top of the range.

And among the most interesting rumors shared in the past few days, those concerning the display e new AI functions integrated within the device, which could really make a difference for users. Let’s find out more about it.

Samsung Galaxy S24, the new rumors

According to what the leaker shared Ice Universethe display of the new Galaxy S24 will have one much thinner frame compared to previous models, we are talking about only 1.52 mm. These small dimensions, however, would penalize the middle frame which should reach 1.85 mm, making it the widest ever.

The other rumors speak of one curvature of the edges much less pronounced and practically invisible. The result should be a device much more symmetrical compared, for example, to Samsung Galaxy S23 and according to many, decidedly more elegant.

As regards, however, the AI functionality, they would be based on a new model called Samsung Gauss (developed directly by the South Korean giant).

According to leakers, Samsung will also introduce a system capable of translate in real time messages from various messaging applications. The first information speaks of approximately 12 languages ​​supported although no more information is available at the moment.

Still in terms of generative artificial intelligence, there should also be several new features regarding it the camerawith a series of features that should improve framing and, in general, the use of the new and sophisticated lenses chosen by Samsung for its next top of the range lenses.

Samsung Galaxy S24, what else do we know

Again according to Ice Universe, what will make the difference in the new devices will be the photographic sector (especially that of the S24 Ultra) which should have a 200 MP main sensor (a ISOCELL HP2SX optimized version of the ISOCELL HP2 used in previous models) a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor and two telephoto lenses one 10 MP with 3x optical zoom and one 50 MP periscope and 5x optical zoom, with the latter which should have been completely “redesigned” by Samsung.

In addition to this we know that for Europe the processor will be the new one Samsung Exynos 2400 to which will be added up to 16 GB of RAM and, with good possibilities, up to 2 TB of storage.

We also know what all phones in the series should be IP68 certified and therefore resistant to dust and water even during short immersions.

Finally, according to the rumors, we know that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will have one titanium shellexactly as happened with iPhone 15which will give this phone an attractive look, great resistance and a lightness never seen before.

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