Samsung Galaxy S24, confirmations arrive for satellite communication

Various innovations have been affecting the world of smartphones lately and after having revolved around design, applications and cameras, the focus is once again on communication methods. Samsung seems to be one of the most active companies in this sense and just as happened during last 2022, it wants to implement something new.

In reality it was last year Apple to launch the SOS satellite communication on their iPhones. This new feature allows iPhones equipped with hardware suitable for connection to non-terrestrial networks to communicate via satellite network for any need emergency.

Such a solution is particularly useful, for example, when a hiker is injured in a remote location without a mobile network. Returning to Samsung, at least for the moment no smartphone has such a functionality.

However, everything could change starting from 2024 with the launch of the new top of the range devices. According to what has been reported, the next Galaxy S24 could implement the useful functionality for satellite communication.

Samsung is preparing to implement satellite communication on the Galaxy S24

During an event held at SEDEX 2023, John Yong-In Park, head of the SLSI business division of Samsung Electronics, stated that Samsung will offer satellite communication on smartphones starting from next 2024. Precisely for this reason it is natural to think about the next Galaxy S24 .

In reality the rumors spoke of 2023 as the year affected by this Samsung-branded innovation. Indeed thanks to the processor support Snapdragon 8 Gen 2the South Korean giant’s smartphones would have had no problem implementing satellite communication already during the current year.

In fact, a software update would be enough to implement this feature. Samsung is most likely thinking of reserving it for the next range of smartphones, however, in order to present a great innovation together with the hardware ones. There will be news over the next few weeks, perhaps with some more precise indiscretions.


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