Samsung Galaxy S24, Exynos processor also confirmed

Over the past few months, many conflicting rumors have been circulating regarding the upcoming hardware Samsung Galaxy S24, more specifically on processors. In the beginning it was thought that all the phones in the range would have branded processors Qualcommjust as seen with the current Galaxy S23 series.

However, new rumors subsequently arrived regarding the device with the code name “vanilla” for which a chip should be intended Exynos globally, with the rest of the range fitting one instead Snapdragon.

Later rumors spoke of a division by geographical areas: US models should get the Snapdragon models while all other areas of the world will probably have to deal with an Exynos, except for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung will equip the absolute top of the range only with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 just presented in Hawaii. However, the rumors do not stop and continue to circulate on the web.

Samsung Galaxy S24, the presence of the Exynos chip confirmed

According to some new rumors that have taken place in the last few hours, the Exynos processor for Samsung will return. Thanks to some comments from Qualcomm’s CEO Cristiano Amonit has come to light that some Galaxy S24 models will have the Exynos chip on board.

During a call regarding the budget, the CEO spoke clearly:

We are happy with our partnership with Samsung. There is the upcoming launch of the GS24. We expect to have the majority share”.

This statement seems harmless at times, but it does nothing but confirm several rumors. Amon admits that Qualcomm will only have a majority stake, which means there is also a minority stake. Undoubtedly, that minority will be powered by the processor Exynos 2400announced just recently.

The program therefore seems ready to be respected: the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, while the other two models will have an Exynos 2400.


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