Samsung Galaxy S24, much talked about subscription feature

Although the rumors are becoming more and more insistent, the launch of the new range is still two months away Samsung Galaxy S24. This has not stopped users from listening to the many rumors regarding the possible features of smartphones. Firstly, generative AI is expected to be one of the new features coming to the phone.

In the last few hours, however, a new indiscretion has been circulating: users may have to pay to use Samsung’s AI tools.

There have been several rumors alternating between yesterday and today, united in suggesting that Samsung intends to rely on generative artificial intelligence. This should be the main aspect of the new Galaxy S24 line-up. The company reportedly wants to adopt generative AI to make several opportunities better, including photos, messaging, voice recognition, and much more.

While these tools could prove to be interesting additions, sources have anticipated that Samsung is considering the possibility of offering everything on a subscription basis.

Samsung Galaxy S24, artificial intelligence will arrive but it could be paid

That’s right: the artificial intelligence on the new Samsung Galaxy S24 could involve signing up for a subscription. At least for the moment, however, it is not known how much this new and alleged service could cost.

One of the first companies that seems to have winked at this possibility over the last year is LG. Samsung has had to struggle a lot this year against a market that has suddenly slowed down. There is therefore the possibility that the technology giant could see subscriptions as a real opportunity to obtain benefits constant income.

Everyone is now curious to see how it will end and we won’t have to wait too long. According to what has been reported, the official presentation of the new Galaxy should take place in third week of the month of January 2024. Rumors regarding possible subscriptions will only be confirmed or denied closer to the launch date.


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