Samsung Galaxy S24: real-time translation of phone calls thanks to AI

Samsung is the latest tech giant – in chronological order – to have embraced the multifaceted world ofartificial intelligence. Between unconfirmed rumors and official press releases, there are no longer any doubts that the South Korean giant wants equip smartphones in the Galaxy S24 range with features based on AI.

Speaking of official news, Samsung has confirmed that some of its upcoming smartphones will use artificial intelligence to translate phone calls in real time.

Samsung is focusing on AI: its 2024 smartphones will be even smarter

Samsung has confirmed that its artificial intelligence will debut during the first months of next year and will bring with it several new features. His name is Gauss and will be able to generate text and images, create messages, correct the grammar of texts and much more.

The tech company also described a specific case. It’s about the “AI Live Translate Call”. Not to be confused with function Live Translate of Android, Samsung explains that this feature will allow users to translate a phone call in real time, with both text and audio translations. The premises seem excellent, also because – the company declares – everything happens only and exclusively on the device.

«AI Live Translate Call will soon offer a personal translator whenever the user needs it. The feature will be integrated into the system Phone app, so it won’t require downloading third-party apps», we read in the press release. «Audio and text translations will appear in real time as the user speaks, making it easy to have a phone call between two people who speak different languages. […] Thanks to the Galaxy AI integrated on the device, users – regardless of the scenario – can be safe: private conversations will never be shared with third parties».

Samsung Galaxy S24 - AI Live Translate Call

The functionality just described will probably be seen debuting on smartphones in the Galaxy S24 range, which according to rumors will have quite a few new AI features. The presentation of the new flagships is scheduled for January 2024.


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