Samsung Galaxy S24, the division of countries between Exynos and Snapdragon returns

Samsung Galaxy S24, the division of countries between Exynos and Snapdragon returns

The flurry of rumors surrounding the next processor in the series is proving to be a rollercoaster ride Galaxy S24 Of Samsung. First it was thought that all models around the world would show their qualities driven by a chip from Qualcomm, one Snapdragonexactly as seen with the Galaxy S23.

In fact, we remember that before the current reference series of the South Korean giant, the company used to produce two versions with two processors based on the marketing markets. After this actual change, everyone believed that it would be the same with the new Galaxy S24s, but apparently the rumors once again suggest a change of plans.

In fact, according to the latest news, Samsung’s intent would be to return to the strategy preceding the Galaxy S23. In short, users could end up with a device with a Exynos or a Snapdragon based on their country of reference.

Samsung brings back dual processors, Exynos and Snapdragon will power the Galaxy S24 series

There had already been many rumors that had predicted this eventuality, which apparently became effective during the last few hours. The rumors speak of a return of the chip Exynos for Samsung’s top-of-the-range series, but in this case there will be an important difference.

In fact, compared to other years, when even the absolute flagship was equipped with a processor based on the country in which it was marketed, this time it will not be like that. The Galaxy S24 Ultra it should only arrive with Snapdragon, more precisely the8 Gen 3 For Galaxy.

To summarize it briefly, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 and S24+ models will have a Snapdragon only in the USA, while in other countries they will have an Exynos. As for the S24 Ultra, there will be no difference: the Qualcomm processor will be available in all countries of the world.

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