Samsung Galaxy S24, the entire line appears on the web with mockups

Respecting the rumors that came out a few weeks ago, the new range Samsung Galaxy S24 should have gone into production. In fact, there was talk of the month of November as the one indicated to start the mass production process of the new smartphones of the South Korean giant. These will presumably arrive with a US unveiling next January 17, 2024.

The desire to bring the Unpacked event forward by a few weeks compared to usual comes from Samsung’s desire to immediately counteract the new iPhone 15 line. There will therefore be an advance compared to the presentation of the current top of the range Galaxy S23 line-up.

With respect to the updates that will concern the devices, we are talking about small adjustments and additions compared to the predecessors. There will be nothing relevant inside the Galaxy S24, or rather outside them. The aesthetics will in fact be modified in an almost imperceptible way, at least as stated by the rumors that are starting to come out with some real images.

Samsung Galaxy S24, here are the dummy models suddenly appearing on the web

Samsung Galaxy S24 real images mockup dummy

The last few hours have been very prolific in terms of rumors regarding the next Galaxy S24. In fact, Samsung’s top of the range models were shown in version dummy on the web, with images that could represent the design that the company has chosen.

When we talk about “dummy” or “mockup”, we mean a fake version of smartphones, almost as if they were toys. Units of this kind are often used inside shops as purely advertising material.

Samsung Galaxy S24 real images mockup dummy 2

As everyone knows, however, they aesthetically represent the true shape of the phone and this is why the images caused a sensation. At first glance it seems like nothing has changed compared to the Galaxy S23 but in reality this is not the case.

The edges appear to be flatter, especially regarding the S24 and S24+ models. The screen of the base unit should also have grown slightly, going from 6.1 to 6.17″. Moving on to the model Ultra, the back looks practically identical, even in this case though flatter. This leads us to think that the slight curvature will be definitively abandoned for the screen too.


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