Samsung Galaxy S24, the new charging speeds on the web

Samsung Galaxy S24, the new charging speeds on the web

Usually Samsung remains fairly linear regarding the wattage of the process recharge of his smartphones. In fact, in recent years the South Korean giant has not taken steps to modify this capacity, with the top of the range Galaxy series limited to a maximum of 45 W.

Certainly these are not poor performances: just think that Apple allows its iPhones to recharge at a maximum of 20 W. However, the last few hours have produced new rumors regarding the next range Galaxy S24.

On the famous Chinese certification website “3C”, a list of specifications regarding the next line-up of devices.

Samsung Galaxy S24, the charging speed could remain the same

While users enjoy the current flagships, Samsung is working hard to bring forward the launch of the Galaxy S24 Series. According to rumors in the last few hours, new lists of specifications have ended up on the web.

From these a detail would then emerge: Samsung would have no intention of changing the charging speed already seen on the latest flagships. In fact, according to what is reported in the list that appeared on the “3C” website, the company it will still leave the usual 45 W as maximum speed.

The lists of technical specifications confirm that in that aspect there will not be any type of change. This all seems strange given that previous rumors had spoken of the possibility that Samsung could introduce a charging speed of 65W.

This is therefore an unofficial denial which could be confirmed in the next few hours. We are now approaching the final stages of 2023, with the last few months bringing many truths.

At the moment the most important previews are those regarding the possible window presentation reserved for new S24s. Samsung would intend to bring forward its event Unpackedprobably at the end of January.

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