Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, what we know about the new camera

There is still quite a bit of time left before the official arrival of the new ones Samsung Galaxy S24 but the rumors about it are multiplying visibly.

The latest in chronological order concerns the photographic sector of the new top of the range from the South Korean giant with the Galaxy S24 Ultra which may have a less powerful periscope lens than the one seen on the previous one Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Still nothing certain, of course, but if these rumors prove to be confirmed, Samsung’s move may not please photography enthusiasts who may have to give up the Space Zoom 100x.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, what the cameras will be like

The first rumors about the photographic sector of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra were shared online by the Chinese leaker RGcloudS and they talk about a 200 MP main sensor (probably an ISOCELL HP2SX the optimized version of the current ISOCELL HP2), a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor, a 10 MP 3x zoom telephoto lens and a 48 MP 5x zoom telephoto lens .

Other leakers, like Ice Universethey confirmed three out of four cameras but changing the data on the telephoto lens with 5x zoom which, instead, should be 50 MP.

It seems clear that Samsung has taken a “step back” compared to past models, especially because the South Korean company has been installing one on its smartphones since 2021 3x and 10x optical zoom.

So the spec that might be lost with a less efficient zoom is lo Space Zoom 100x that since Galaxy S21 Ultra it has been an integral part of the photographic sector of all the company’s top of the range cameras.

We are talking about a hybrid solution between one optical zoom is one digital and, of course, allows magnification of up to 100x. The operation is very simple: the user takes advantage of the 10x zoom by combining it with the digital zoom which allows him to reach 100x without losing definition, given that the acquired image is processed by sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms on Samsung.

A solution much appreciated by users, however, “difficult” to use because, first of all, you need to have a steady hand to take good quality photos and secondly because for a smartphone, a 5x zoom would be much more useful than a 10x one, which would guarantee a better medium range coverage.

However, there are no confirmations in this regard yet but, according to some rumors, Samsung may still be able to guarantee the 100x Space Zoom using, however, more software gimmicks to obtain the desired magnification.

And this wouldn’t even be new given that some smartphones currently on the market (like Huawei P60 Pro) still guarantee a digital zoom of this magnitude by simply using a camera software highly optimized.

Samsung Galaxy S24, what else do we know

The other rumors on the alleged technical data sheet of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra they talk about a display 6.8-inch AMOLED, with WQHD resolution.

For Europe the processor it should be a Samsung Exynos 2400 with 12/16 GB of RAM and memory cuts from 256 GB up to 2 TB.

Other than this, we don’t know much else about the South Korean company’s next top of the range but, according to the rumors on the web, the Ultra model will have a titanium framea solution just used on iPhone 15 Pro Max and already much appreciated by users, given that it makes the smartphone lighter, more resistant and with a much more attractive design.

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