Samsung Galaxy S24 with super bright screen and great news

The rumors raging about the new smartphones arriving don’t seem to want to stop and Samsung is one of the companies most affected by this situation. During the usual I/O event held earlier this year, Google introduced Ultra HDR for Android 14, a feature that allows you to take HDR photos and videos and then view them accurately on screens that are compatible with this standard. Even if there is no evidence to suggest its introduction in the first stable version of One UI 6, it seems that Samsung is working to include this feature on its Galaxy S24.

The rumors agree in stating that all three models of Samsung’s flagship series will have screens Super AMOLED. Rumors also suggest that these screens will be able to reach up to 2.500 nit of brightness. This would make them really ideal for supporting the HDR format in a big way, both in terms of brightness, contrast and color gamut.

Samsung, Ultra HDR arrives on the Galaxy S24 screens which will be super bright

Samsung’s entire series of top-of-the-range devices will take great advantage of the brightness of the displays by introducing the new Ultra HDR.

The concept is clear: when a video is made or a photo is taken in HDR format on a smartphone, everything is saved in SDR. As a result, a lot of information is lost from images, thus making all the additional beauty of both images and videos disappear. The Ultra HDR function instead saves all the information in question, leaving what was captured in the 10-bit HDR format intact, such as brightness, color range and contrast. It will be the people who allow this screens of the new Galaxy; users won’t need one external screen HDR to view what was captured on video or immortalized with a photo.

Everything could therefore change: Samsung could adopt this functionality as default in his camera. This will be done by the Pixel range with Android 14 from now on, thus favoring greater quality.


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