Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: sleep apnea feature coming soon?

After careful analysis by the Food and Drug Administration (note how FDA) in the United States, the sensor technology of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 has been recognized as adequate for the detection of sleep apnea.

This is a fundamental step for Samsung, which therefore sees the path clear to be able to provide its smartwatch with a system capable of identifying cases of sleep apnea.

For the customers of the Korean giant, this translates into the introduction of a specific function, most likely implemented before the end of the yearperhaps even already during the summertime. As pointed out by Samsung, this does not mean that the Galaxy Watch 7 will be considered infallible: the diagnoses of a expert doctorin fact, remain essential in cases like these.

Despite this, it is undeniable that a sleep apnea detector, combined with the other statistics relating to sleep monitoringmake this smartwatch even more interesting.

Galaxy Watch 7 and sleep apnea: why is this detection so important?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a phenomenon that leads to blockage of the airways during sleep, reducing the supply of oxygen to the body and causing other problems, even serious ones. This problem, in fact, is closely associated with cardiovascular diseasescome hypertension, arrhythmia, heart failure e stroke.

The possibility of identifying cases of sleep apnea can therefore be invaluable in preventing very serious health problems. As revealed, the system supplied with Samsung smartwatches will require two nights of blood oxygenation readings to understand if there are any problems of this type. Furthermore, the sensors seem to be able to work reliably only with users of aged over 22 years.

Similar to what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, too Apple is committed to achieving the same recognition from the FDA, although the company currently faces a dispute over blood oxygen monitoring patents, which are essential to obtain the green light from the American body.


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