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Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, there is already talk of micro LEDs

Just a few months ago Samsung presented its new ones to the world Galaxy Watch6the latest smartwatches from the South Korean company which, right from the start, achieved a certain success with the public and critics.

Despite this, however, some rumors on the web suggest that the technology giant is already thinking about the next wearable, (perhaps) a Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra which, despite not yet having a confirmed release date, could have an interesting feature: a display with Micro LED technology.

Galaxy Watch Ultra, Samsung’s statements

As just said, there is currently no confirmed information on the new one yet Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra but it was Samsung itself that spoke in a press release about the idea of ​​using a display Micro LED your one smartwatch.

This could, first of all, be a way for the company to raise the bar on its wearables, bringing a even higher range and with even better technical characteristics.

Besides, it would also be possible strategy to find new applications to this type of screen which, at the moment, is mainly used for top-of-the-range televisions.

Of course, with good chances, this could also correspond to a substantial price increasebut let’s talk about the rest an expensive technology which, clearly, would be reserved only for premium devices.

So, at least from the initial rumors, Samsung’s intention would be to create something “similar” to theApple Watch Ultra which, perhaps from the next version, could also get a Micro LED screen.

What changes for users

The Micro LED screens they use much smaller LED elements than the classic LEDs generally used for i high resolution televisions.

Besides, the RGB elements (red, green, blue) used in this technology are made from inorganic materials and, therefore, would not be susceptible to burn-in problem which, as is well known, is one of the main disadvantages of OLED screens.

So, a Micro LED display can maintain a stable brightness (with the possibility of reaching even higher peaks) and one excellent image quality even after many hours of use (initial estimates speak of over 100,000 hours).

Another advantage of this technology is that it is excellent visual rendering of blacks which resemble (qualitatively) that obtained with an OLED panel.

It seems clear, therefore, that if Samsung really wanted to use a Micro LED screen for its (future) smartwatches, this would lead to a image quality really high level, much higher than that of current smartwatches.

A good step forward on the subject, especially given the increasingly widespread diffusion of smartwatch which have become practically commonplace.

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