Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 will be thinner but with the same camera

The new leaflets arrived just this summer Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold5 and the Z Flip5. The giant’s desire to do even better in this particular area is there for all to see and has been demonstrated with two exceptional products.

Speaking more specifically about the absolute top in this line-up, the Fold5, there have been some small updates compared to its predecessor. However, the South Korean giant’s desire to continue to amaze remains unchanged. The rumors arriving during these days already suggest some previews regarding the next one Galaxy Z Fold6.

At first glance some might be disappointed as the news shouldn’t be that significant. Clearly we need to tread carefully as these are simple rumors that arrived almost a year earlier.

Samsung would intend to reduce the thickness with the Galaxy Z Fold6

As some sources report in these hours, Samsung’s desire would be to further improve itself also on foldables. The next Galaxy Z Fold6 has already become the subject of strong rumors and apparently it would filter out a bit of disappointment from more informed users.

Apparently Samsung in fact has no intention of improving the photographic sector. As the rumors suggest, in fact, the 2024 version of the leaflet will keep the same sensor as 50 MP present on the Galaxy Z Fold5 and before that on the Fold4.

Although the upgrade compared to the Fold3 series was clear, the situation could now become stationary. The company’s major work is currently focused on design. The engineers would be putting all their strength into play to make your smartphone thinner.

The objective is therefore to decrease it thickness of the next Galaxy Z Fold6, perhaps also taking inspiration from the work of competing companies. OnePlus stands out above all, which with its Open has done an excellent job based on Samsung and Google.


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