Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 will have accommodation for the S-Pen, images

With the introduction by rival companies such as Google e OnePlus of new foldable smartphones, Samsung finds himself ahead by a few series. In recent years, in fact, the South Korean giant had demonstrated its ability to do with this particular technology, only to find itself faced with competition this year.

Indeed, rival brands have done an excellent job but compared to Samsung they don’t have too much choice. In addition to the flagship products, there are no other devices, while the oriental company has both the model available Fold that the model Flip.

Despite this, the market share that Samsung held in foldable smartphones could decline very soon. This will all happen if the company fails to find a way to differentiate itself. The latest rumors, however, speak of something new that could change the plans.

Samsung is thinking of a Galaxy Z Fold6 with a compartment for the integrated S-Pen

There are several months left until the announcement of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which is in fact expected in almost a year, but some leaks have already emerged in this regard. Rumors persist: the device could have the same camera setup as the Fold 5, which in turn is taken from the Fold 4.

Samsung is trying to make the Fold 6 dustproof but no promises have been made. The phone will most likely be thinner and this is why the latest rumor, according to many, could be absurd. According to what has been reported in the last few hours, in fact, the next Galaxy Z Fold6 could integrate a vain dedicated to S-Pen.

The only constraint, just like for the current top of the range, is the drums. Companies are still looking for an optimal method to implement better performing accumulators and this is why every millimeter of space could be useful. Samsung may therefore have thought of a thinner S-Pen, but we will know more over the next few weeks.


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