Samsung has found a new company for Galaxy S24 batteries

The rumors slowly intensify regarding the new top of the range to which Samsung is working. Obviously the reference concerns the new line Galaxy S24this time destined to arrive a little earlier than in previous years.

During the last few hours there has been insistent talk about a fourth supplier for the battery del flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra. In fact, Samsung would have decided to also rely on another company to obtain support from an energy efficiency point of view. The South Korean giant would once again refer to India, choosing a company called Navitasys India.

The company’s task will be to dedicate itself solely and exclusively to the creation of batteries for the S24 Ultra. This is what the rumors report, although within the leaked documents there is currently no mention that excludes the other two models in the range, namely S24 and S24+, from this supply.

Samsung will get the batteries for the Galaxy S24 Ultra from a new Indian company

In addition to this new company, Samsung had previously referred to Elentec, also based in India. However, the list of suppliers for batteries also includes Samsung SDI Vietnam and Chinese Ningde Amperex Technology Limited.

The arrival of the new terminals of the Galaxy S24 line-up is currently scheduled for the month of January. Compared to previous launches, Samsung will therefore be a few weeks earlier, not skimping on new features.

What is causing the most discussion today is the choice to go from a 10x optical zoom to 5x. The decision concerns greater simplicity in using this resource: taking photos in 10x requires a super steady hand or a tripod. Using the 5x is much easier and more functional, even freehand.

It is certainly still a little early to draw a general picture with respect to all the technical specifications. In the meantime, however, one certainty is filtering through: if there is little availability at the launch of the new Galaxy S24s, it will certainly not be due to a shortage of batteries.


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