Samsung is getting closer to launching the stable version of Android 14

The last period has involved a lot of work for Samsung in order to optimize its user interface based on Android 14. The new operating system for Galaxy devices should finally be on its way after the release of several betas by the South Korean company.

In fact, the company would gradually come to develop its business in the ideal way One UI 6, so as to launch a stable build. In fact, it seems that in the last few hours some new stable releases have appeared on Samsung’s test servers and they would concern the range Galaxy S23.

As can be seen from the firmware version BWJGthe new update ready to arrive should concern India, Korea, Europe and other countries.

Samsung is preparing to launch “its” Android 14, we’re almost there

The latest information available on the web explains that this is not a test version planned for the beta channel dedicated to the Galaxy S23. This build was designed specifically for a version release stable and it is precisely this that suggests that Samsung would finally be close to releasing the final update.

However, we need to go step by step, since it seems to be ready a new beta for all owners of the current top of the range products from the South Korean company. This is obviously a necessary step before the official release of the complete and stable version dedicated to the whole world.

Counting the releases of the beta program, this would be theeighth, most likely the last before the official arrival of Android 14 with One UI 6. On the one hand, a lot of discontent filters through from Samsung users, as they expected a faster release of the new operating system. On the other hand in the meantime we breathe a sigh of relief, seeing as it could finally be the right time.

It will therefore not take much time for the official update; the latter will arrive first for the Galaxy S23 range and then for the other devices.


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