Samsung is thinking of a fundamental innovation for the Galaxy S25

Samsung is thinking of a fundamental innovation for the Galaxy S25

After the latest events that have characterized the mobile world, especially on the mobile side Samsung, it seems increasingly clear that smartphone manufacturers will rely on artificial intelligence. This resource, ideal for pushing every latest generation device towards the future, is constantly under development.

One of the main requirements to bring about all this certainly corresponds to the hardware components. These must necessarily be performing to the point of being able to facilitate and streamline any AI-based functionality.

The most important piece in a hardware compartment is without a doubt the chipset inside the phone. The new ones Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 e Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 they are part of a new generation of chips, both designed specifically to manage the various artificial intelligence aspects of a device.

However, everything cannot be relegated to the processor, as there are also other components that influence the speed of the smartphone we use. One of these components is certainly storage spacewhat we more commonly call memory.

Samsung thinks about new memories for the Galaxy S25: UFS 4.0 will evolve

Roadmap Samsung memorie UFS 4.0

It is not just the capacity of a memory that is important, although many think that variables only concern this aspect. It is not to be underestimated, as in computers, the speed. It was Samsung itself that created the best storage technologies, all through its “Samsung Semiconductor” division, it is precisely from there that the memorie UFS 4.0. Now we think about the future and the latter is called Galaxy S25.

The new roadmap leaked in these hours, as seen above, reveals Samsung’s desire to launch the new UFS 4.0 so-called “4-lane CS” right in 2025.

These new components will result in increased sequential read speeds, bringing speeds up to 8 GB/sdouble compared to now. Clearly the speed of the operating system would improve and every operation would become more fluid. From here we could clearly also work better on the AI ​​aspect, with the functions already existing on the Galaxy S24 which would only improve exponentially.

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