Samsung is thinking of a renewed speaker for the Galaxy S24

There are persistent rumors that the next line of top-of-the-range smartphones is coming Samsung earlier than the last one. The new ones Galaxy S24as reported by some experts in the world of rumors, will in fact arrive during the month of January.

In recent years, the top of the range models from the South Korean giant have made their first release during the month of February. In this case, however, we will aim to anticipate, probably to counter the strong rise of Apple and its new iPhone 15.

Currently the spotlight is already on the absolute top of the range, namely the Galaxy S24 Ultra. As some rumors describe, Samsung would already be working on the implementation of something new, also offering an upgraded 200 MP sensor.

Some rumors report the company’s desire to decrease the capacity of the optical zoom, bringing it from 10x to 5xa choice with which there will be an adjustment to what Apple has done on its iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The reason would lie in the stabilization, as fully enjoying a 10x optical zoom would mean having to carry a tripod or have the steadiest hand in the world. By implementing quality on a 5x sensor, everything becomes simpler, with users being able to take advantage of it more easily. On a multimedia level, however, the news would not be just these.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will arrive with a new speaker

The latest rumors arriving during these hours report Samsung’s desire to implement an audio change. The bottom of the top-of-the-range smartphone will indeed see a change in the speaker design.

In fact, most likely the Galaxy S24 Ultra, instead of limiting itself to the usual pill-shaped design made up of six holes, will see some longer stripes. The smartphone will therefore be equipped with a larger space to let the powerful sound escape.

From a multimedia point of view, therefore, Samsung will not betray expectations, perhaps opening a new competition between the various brands that will take place in the audio field.


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