Samsung lancia programma Self-Repair in Europa

A few days ago Microsoft opened up to do-it-yourself repairs for Surface devices, launching the program in the USA, Canada and France at least for a first phase of program analysis. Today, 19 June 2023, Samsung Electronics Announces Launch of Self-Repair Program in Europe, particularly in Belgium, France, Germany, Europe, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. After launching in the US in 2022 and South Korea more recently, the Asian giant makes DIY repair for its smartphones and PCs.

Samsung opens the door to do-it-yourself repairs

Starting today, more and more Galaxy users will have access to the tools they need to self-repair their devices. The program includes repairs of premium series smartphone products Galaxy S20, S21 e S22 and PC models Galaxy Book Pro e Galaxy Book Pro 360.

In order to offer this service to European users, Samsung is collaborating with leading component distributors in Europe, including ASWO, specialized in after-sales assistance for the Old Continent based in Germany and authorized Samsung distributor; And 2Servicea Dutch electronic component supplier and authorized Samsung distributor.

Samsung Galaxy S24 fotocamere

Users of the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 series will be able to independently replace the screen with battery included, the rear glass and the charging port of the smartphone. At the same time, Galaxy Book Pro series users will have access to seven original components to carry out the repair yourself: front case with keyboard, LCD screen, rear case, battery, touchpad, fingerprint reader and rubber feet. Together with the part (or parts) that the customer wishes to order, it will also be possible to purchase a practical kit containing all the repair tools that can be reused several times if necessary.

TM RohPresident e Head of Mobile eXperience Business di Samsung Electronics, he has declared: “Samsung is constantly working to lengthen the life cycle of its devices in order to allow users to enjoy the high performance of their Galaxy device for as long as possible. We are committed to extending access to our Self-Repair program worldwide, improving the repairability of our products“.

Samsung is finally committed to developing the Self-Repair program in the near future so that include other devices and countries. This effort aims to expand access to repair options, enabling Galaxy customers to have more choices in repairing their devices.


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