Samsung is developing its proprietary chatbot with Naver: it will be used to work with the company’s confidential data, avoiding their diffusion on other companies’ cloud platforms.

In early May, Samsung banned the use of ChatGPT for its employees due to incidents of misuse: some developers, in fact, shared with the chatbot confidential information putting the company in a somewhat complicated position. Once “pooled” information with ChatGPTIndeed, OpenAI confirms that they can be reused to improve the behavior of the generative model. Only recently, following the intervention of the Privacy Guarantor, has the company that offers ChatGPT restored the service in Europe, offering the possibility of requesting the removal of any personal data transferred to the chatbot during previous conversation sessions.

After imposing its ban, Samsung has apparently launched a partnership with Naver per develop a chatbot proprietary, intended for internal use only.

Colleagues from are also talking about it SamMobilewho have learned through The Korea Economic Daily that the South Korean giant does not intend to give up on the idea of ​​facilitating the tasks of its employees through thegenerative AI; however, it is necessary to protect the company in every respect. For this reason, Samsung has been collaborating for several weeks with the Asian search giant Naverjointly designing a AI platform specific and exclusive for business users.

In particular, theartificial intelligence generative branded Samsung-Naver will remain exclusive to employees of the division Device Solutions for an initial period, to then possibly become available for other branches, including Device eXperience. On the other hand, a distribution outside the company’s servers is not expected, precisely to ensure full control of the data used as input for the generative model.

Furthermore, this AI chatbot will most likely be the world’s best at understanding the Korean language, so that employees can use the tool to its fullest without worrying that Samsung’s confidential news related to semiconductor development, hardware products, and proprietary software may be leaked. transferred to third parties without the authorization of the company.

However, it is not excluded that this first step could contribute to the creation of another one built-in chatbot in the various Samsung home devices, from TVs to smartphones, passing through laptops, capable of improving the user experience of end users.


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